Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr. Vaibhav Pathak – Co-Founder & COO, Dot Media

Mr. Vaibhav Pathak - Co-Founder & COO, Dot Media
Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr. Vaibhav Pathak - Co-Founder & COO, Dot Media

Passionate in Marketing caught up with Mr. Vaibhav Pathak – Co-Founder & COO, Dot Media

The journey and inception of Dot Media

Dot Media came to life in a lockdown struck Kanpur in 2020. It was when Shubham Singhal, Om Singh, and yours truly came across several bottlenecks of the creator economy and realized the importance and need for timely empowerment of influencers and giving them a one-stop creative solution for anything and everything. Fast forward to today, and we have become home to 200+ exclusive creators across categories, 300+ digital campaigns, 30+ celebrities, and a team of 90+ dynamic individuals. Additionally, we have set up 3 offices in Mumbai and Kanpur, respectively, with a swanky 1,800 sq. ft. state of the art production studio. We like to identify as a creative-first agency, providing all-round digital solutions. Along with creative strategy, we also happen to music marketing mavericks, artist managers and provide services in: mass campaigns, mind-blowing creator experiences, branded deals, and production (performance marketing and ads).

How Dot Media is bridging the gap & empowering niche influencers

From the beginning, our main focus has been empowering niche influencers by identifying authentic voices within creative genres. We aim to add our little bit of creativity in everything we do. Our approach involves crafting engaging narratives that create genuine connections. Through personalized guidance and strategic exposure, we nurture the growth of our niche influencers organically and diversify brand campaigns. By carefully tapping the right opportunities for our influencers, we enrich the influencer marketing sector with authenticity, engagement and art.

How does Dot Media identify and select niche influencers to collaborate with?

We thoughtfully onboard talents that offer uniqueness in their respective categories. The idea is to build a roster whose community interacts with them for entertainment, value, or information. Our idea is to make them bigger through creativity, by developing content IPs and communities, that help them grow beyond their platforms. For instance, from building content IPs like Raghav Raag with a personality like RJ Raghav to building communities of indie music lovers with an artist like Vismay Patel, we always go the extra mile with our artists in terms of building long-standing content buckets.

Examples of recent campaigns where Dot Media successfully empowered underrepresented voices and led to meaningful discussions

We onboard artists across the internet who are serving their audiences with unique content but are yet overseen by brands. Influencers like Aryan Kataria, who have gone above and beyond to endorse products like Swiggy Instamart, Caratlane and Boat Nirvana, and emerging influencers like Suunny Pandey, an LGBTQIA+ influencer, who have also featured well-known brands like Lakmé, underscore this phenomenon.

How technology can enhance influencer marketing strategies and maximize brand exposure

Embracing technology has sparked a revolution in influencer marketing, unleashing innovative strategies that thrust brands into the spotlight. Our tools enable precise influencer selection, ensuring alignment with the right target audiences that a brand requires. In addition to that, our strong data analytics provide insights into optimal posting times and content genres. Automation streamlines campaign execution, liberating our creative energy to flow where it’s needed most. Ultimately, technology enhances efficiency and effectiveness, propelling influencer marketing to new heights of impact and brand visibility. We as an agency believe in embracing technological advancements in AI, integrating its use in our daily functioning for higher efficiency.

How does Dot Media foster an environment where content creators can showcase their distinct voices and narratives authentically

We work in an imaginative environment that encourages content creators to express their unique voices and narratives. By deep diving into each creator’s perspective, we ensure that the collaborations ring true with authenticity. Tailored guidance and support helps creators refine their storytelling while staying true to their essence and niche. Dot Media’s creative-first commitment to showcasing diverse and authentic narratives empowers content creators to connect with their community on a deeper level, fostering an ecosystem of genuine and impactful communication. This sparks a ripple effect of candid and impactful communications that flow effortlessly .

What innovative ideas or trends does Dot Media plan to incorporate into its influencer marketing strategies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving creator and media landscape?

We like to call ourselves trendsetters. As a creative-first agency, working with 200+ brands and music labels, suggesting trends becomes a part of our daily routine. One of the areas where trends become our bread and butter is music marketing, having proudly curated campaigns like Positions by Ariana Grande, Runaway by Arora, Heat Waves and What Jhumka. Our team’s average age sums up to 23, something that helps us in staying up-to-date with what’s up. Our creatively-inclined team of strategists work day and night to provide new and relatable campaign ideas for brands, to help them stay relevant within their community. Some of these campaigns include our work with brands like bOAT, Swiggy and Netflix. 


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