Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Nidha Lutra, Executive Director, Thought Blurb Communications

Nidha Lutra, Executive Director, Thought Blurb Communications
Nidha Lutra, Executive Director, Thought Blurb Communications

Brief Profile of Nidha Lutra

Nidha Luthra, Executive Director is the head of Operations who’s been with the agency since the last 15 years. She joined here after having worked with some of the greatest advertising minds at Publicis Capital and Leo Burnett. She holds a strong entrepreneurial streak, which drew her to Thought Blurb Communications. The independent nature of the organization invited Nidha to establish herself as an individual in the company and shape it in her own right.

Passionate in Marketing caught up with Nidha Lutra to discuss about Thought Blurb Communications on International Womens Day

1. You have a strong team of women leading multiple verticals, within the organisation? Can you elaborate on that?

It’s true that at Thought Blurb, we have women heading all the departments. Our co-founder is a woman. So are our Executive Director, National Creative Director, and the heads of Finance, Business Development and Client Servicing. This is not by design. Talent just found its way to the top.

Women in top posts are actually not unusual in the media and advertising business. Women do tend to be a lot more versatile in most marketing genres. But more importantly, we bring a unique perspective to marketing thinking that is more empathetic to the consumer. Women treat communication less like targeted marketing and more as a discussion. Like chess players, who can anticipate multiple moves that the opponent might play, we can relate to the communication and feel how the consumer will relate to it.

2. Does it help or are there any benefits of having a women strong team in the creative space?

I would say that the dynamics are different and not necessarily better or worse. A mixed team has the advantage of seeing different sides of the message from alternate viewpoints. In fact, having a good balance of men and women in a team introduces a degree of soft intelligence into the creative process. This is more and more relevant in this day and age, where narratives need to be moulded accurately. Consumers react defensively to being talked down to, being aggressively led towards a sale or being spoken to about sensitive issues.

3. Are there any challenges, if any?

Luckily, we have moved on from the male-oriented organizations of 30-40 years ago. Nobody finds it particularly difficult to adjust to women in our industry. Female bosses are a dime a dozen and practicality demands that everybody grows up to accept that. Yes, we do hire talented people, and that goes for everybody in the organization.

4. How do you celebrate Women’s Day at the office? Do you have any plans this year?

Every year we have some kind of celebration. Last year, all female employees received flowers with gift vouchers attached. We cut a cake and played fun games among other activities. Let’s see what HR has in store for this year.

5. Your ex-founding member is a woman too? Please share her role and journey in building Thought Blurb Communications.

She continues to be a guiding light for the organization. It’s good to have someone with her experience involved in an advisory capacity. 

6. Do women find it hard to sustain at top positions after a certain phase of growth?

I don’t think that is unique to women. Everybody faces the same deal of adjustment anxiety in a new position or as they grow in the organization. Women do have the advantage of understanding each individual team member’s strengths and making the most of them.

Of course, women juggle work, home, family and children too. They always find a way around and we get the job done.

7. Are marketing/advertising agencies doing enough to build an inclusive environment for women?

People are talking about it now. There was a certain hush earlier but that is changing. Having women in prominent positions in the organization automatically dictates a degree of decorum and respect in the workplace. We have to thank all the women who came before us that have paved the path for us.

8. Any 3 tips/suggestions for women out there who are finding it a hard task to enter the fast-paced advertising/marketing industry?

I believe we are one of the few industries that expect more women to join us at any rate. Of course, we expect as much talent, expertise and professionalism from all our employees, men or women. I don’t believe there is a remuneration bias either, as it is in some western countries. If you can keep up with the rest of us, come on in. Ad agencies that still have male-dominated power structures are the ones who are going the way of the dinosaurs.

9, Any tips for women to join the industry?

Don’t try to differentiate yourself as a woman. Be creative, be talented, speak your mind and be open to lead from any position. You will fit right in.


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