Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Sonam Shah, Founder and CEO, Treize Communications.

Sonam Shah, Founder and CEO, Treize Communications.
Sonam Shah, Founder and CEO, Treize Communications.

Sonam Shah is the Founder and CEO of Treize Communications, a wellestablished communication consultancy and service firm based out of
Mumbai, India. She holds more than a decade of experience in the PR and
Communications field and has worked with more than 175 clients in the field
of advertising & marketing, digital and social media, health, technology,
gaming, start-ups, retail, FMCG and e-commerce.

  1. How has the PR landscape been growing? Do you see more demand for PR?

The Public Relations industry in India is evolving at a fast pace. With the high penetration of influencer marketing and the need to be visible within highly competitive markets, there is a large demand for PR. The demand is much higher when it comes to Digital PR.As the digital industry evolves, the PR industry too is evolving. Having a mix of PR with SEO, apt keywords and time-bound news is getting more and more essential. The print industry, which has taken a backseat during the pandemic, is back in the game completely, with a lot of changes. Thus, the importance and value of Print media has gone much higher than before. The key game now is to have a perfect balance of Print and Digital PR, strategically.

  1. How are consumer sentiments this year for the festive season? How can brands capitalise on it this year?

This year, festival season is looking like a festival season, something which was not there in the last three years. Since the onset of Indian festivities, with Raksha Bandhan/Janmashtami, there have been brands which have come up with excellent campaigns, across OOH, Digital, Print and other mediums. This highlights that consumer spending is positive and has grown. Consumers are eager to celebrate festivals with families, give gifts to each other and have a good time. Brands have started capitalising when it comes to social, digital and influencer marketing. We can see a lot of campaigns by brands be it a homegrown brand or a well-known global brand. When it comes to PR, brands can work on building a brand identity and recall during this time. Festivals are a period when people slow down and enjoy the moment, so it’s a very good time to be part of long-format articles, which are going to be consumed by the audience.

Sending just press releases is not the right approach to be used around festivals, but rather focus on long-term strategy and thought leadership.

  1. With more and more mediums to build visibility increases, how can one keep a check on crisis management during the festive season?

Festivals can be a time when consumers can be more vigilant on social media. A lot of them will be doing online shopping and can write negatively on even the smallest of things on social media.

To keep a check onSonam Shah, Founder and CEO, Treize Communications.Sonam Shah, Founder and CEO, Treize Communications. this, one should have a PR team in place. Having an agency on board is essential, as there will be quick action, with a quicker turnaround time. Everyone likes to be in a happy mood during festivals, so brands should ensure their customer is supported well if anything goes wrong.

  1. What role does storytelling play in PR during festive seasons?

Storytelling is the core of any Public Relations activity. People consume more media when they are not working or in their daily routine. Thus, while slowing down is good for an individual, for a brand or a business being media savvy during the festive or holiday season is essential.

Having detailed articles on the company, brand, and/or product is good. Having a certain amount of visibility is also required, as during this period, purchasing power amongst the TG is high. This is also a good time to reach out to newer audiences, as people are on the lookout for new brands for gifting their loved ones. Any who would not like to buy from a brand whose story is narrated in a great manner?

  1. How can Public Relations act as a great tool during the festive season?

Public Relations acts as a cost-effective solution for brands. It’s a great time to build brand identity with a few articles, which a strategically focussed. One should keep in mind which PR tool to use. A press release may work while a press conference may not work, as the media may not be able to attend it physically.

Strategic use of PR is very important to build and strengthen your brand across old and new TG.