PayWorld expands its operations in the Southern market

  • PayWorld has already signed 1,04,508 retailers in the Southern Market
  • Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana will be the key markets for PayWorld South Zone 
  • Per day average sale of retailers in Tamil Nadu is crossing millions. 
  • All retailers are well versed with the local language and dialect

India, 12th August 2021PayWorld the fastest growing fintech company in India, expands its operations in South Zone. PayWorld already has a strong foothold in the Tamil Nadu market where per day the average sale of our active retailers crosses millions. PayWorld facilities digital transactions with services like mobile recharge, e-payment, railway reservation, and remittance services. PayWorld is a one-stop solution for digital transactions with a network of 5,25,000+ retailers in 700 districts across the nation. With this expansion, the idea is to transform and bring the marginalized areas of our nation together. All retailers on board are local and are well versed with the local language and dialects to understand the pain points of the customers.  

Currently, the average sale of our active PayWorld retailers in Tamil Nadu alone crosses millions on daily basis. On average, the retailers there do a minimum of 5,000+ digital transactions on daily basis. With such huge potential, it is believed that expansion will only add to the numbers and will garner huge profits and benefits for retailers and low-income groups in the Southern region. So far PayWorld has already signed 1,04, 508 retailers in the South region adding to its active list of 5,25,000+ retailers across India. 

Commenting on the expansion, Mr. Praveen Dhabhai, COO, PayWorld said “We are elated to extend our footprints in Southern Region. Through hyper localization and retailer-based assisted model, PayWorld is aiming to address the pain points of the customer. We have a strong network of over 5,25,000+ retailers across 700 districts across India, and with this expansion, the aim is to grow the network by aiding the marginalized section of our society and benefiting retailers at the same time.”

“PayWorld is the fastest growing FinTechcompany in India with a strong rural presence and a network of retailers. Our consistent effort is to transform rural India from cash to digital payments. We have already tied up with 1,04, 508 retailers in the Southern market, and the number is only growing strong from here. With this expansion, we are hoping to capitalize and increase our retailer profits at the same time aid rural customers through digital utility services. Right now, our primary focus is to grow Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana markets. However, Tamil Nadu will continue to serve our main market but we hope to make digital payments a universally accepted model in rural India.” 

PayWorld offers a plethora of utility services and also facilities SME’s loans. Across India, approximately 100 million transactions are done in a day through PayWorld active retailers