#PehliDaawat campaign of Daawat Basmati all set to connect their customers deeply


Daawat Basmati comes up with a campaign #PehliDaawat to engage their customers with their loved ones. The campaign is launched on the insight about the importance of relationships and human connections especially in the rising pandemic situation of Covid-19.           

Even though everyone is struggling with the extended lockdown period due to Covid-19, the hope of returning back to normal life makes people keep calm obeying all the rules and regulations and stay indoors. Daawat Basmati is making this opportunity to engage people and keep up their spirit through their campaign #PehliDaawat. Daawat observed that how much people miss seeing their friends, relatives, etc. on their special functions, also how people are left alone and taken for granted. But it was very pleasing to see how some people get connected very quickly and created a bond of a healthy relationship. Thus by 4 TVC’S, the campaign is an initiative of the brand to make people realize how important are relationships in life and thanking them for all their care and support. It was these human connections that made people deal with the worst situations with much mental strength and unity. So, there is a huge place for this campaign in the minds of the people and Daawat Basmati is thanking their customers for this support. 

#PehliDaawat campaign acknowledges and appreciates the love, care, and support people have received with such memorable moments along with acknowledging people’s deep desire to invite their special ones to the house post lockdown period. #PehliDawaat asks people at the end who are their special ones. People are excited thinking about the moment after the lockdown period when they will welcome their guests with a wide smile on the face and serve them with all the favorite food items and talk continuously. Ashwini Arora, CEO, and MD, Lt foods responded to the launch of this campaign that they wish to build a personal connection with their audience and recognize their heroes in their lives. Everyone had formed bonds that will last even after the Covid-19 situation. Indians have the cultural tradition of serving their guest, the best they can. The campaign series of 4 TVC’s bring out the stories of individuals who want to invite their special ones to whom they had not contributed much early in their life.


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