Personalized branding is all about customer choice!


The clichéd phrase used very often by the advertising and marketing clan, “put yourself in the shoes of the customer” is over. With the arrival of social media, consumers themselves are taking initiative to get the right deal which suits them best rather than waiting for manufacturers to research, analyze and come up with the product. And the interesting factor according to a recent study in UK is that 75% of the customers are willing to share their information with their loyal brands. If you need proof here it is;

  • Amazon gives out a customized suggestion option to shoppers.
  • Nike allows their customers to design their own shoes.
  • Coca Cola gave the provision for clientele to mix different coca cola products, create their own drink and share it too via facebook.
  • M&M’s help you order customized candies.
  • Dutch airline KLM helps you decide your seat and with whom.

This smart marketing technique called personalized branding helps marketers to tailor the brand or product depending on the relevant needs of the consumer. This way brands are personalized to suit and satisfy each customer. The technique which is also called as adaptive marketing helps to make your brand stand out from rest of the brand cluster seen in the market today, giving the consumer an easy and effortless choice of brand selection and increased loyalty.

With social media, consumers are becoming more concerned and loyal with their brands. This loyalty is taken for granted by the marketing department keeping in mind that consumers will pay more to get their favorite brands home at any cost. Personalized branding is helping the marketers a lot to earn more business and brand ambassadors.

With the large number of media platforms now on the play like TV, magazine, radio, mobile applications, websites and many more, people are being targeted on a very large scale to promote the brands and products. And there is no better medium available now to create a direct response than smart phones and tablets like iPhone, BlackBerry, Androids etc.

Having a smart media is not essential, but the content about the brand has to be lively, enticing, energetic, appealing and result in action in the nick of a second for the marketing campaign to be successful. Well, not too far, we can see a solution for this also in near future and hope it would be the new trend setter in marketing.


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