Pets give dating advice in Supertails’ Valentine’s Day campaign


New Delhi, 11th February 2022: Supertails, a pet care digital platform has added a twist to Valentine’s Day celebration with pets. In an influencer campaign with the internet’s well-known dogs and cats, Supertails is helping the GenZ get dating advice from pets. 

The four-day campaign that started from 11th February up till Valentine’s Day, has roped in leading influencers like comedians Sahil Shah and  Raunaq Rajani. In engaging reels, Chico and Pepe (Raunaq Rajani’s dogs) and Bagel and Kurkure (Sahil shah’s pets) come to their dads’ rescue in making a relationship last longer. 

The reels are engaging as well as educational, where some have learned the importance of consent from their cats, the joy of sloppy kisses, and some learned NOT to brush their teeth before dates, well, because dogs love to smell stinky food. The campaign encouraged the audience to keep it young, keep it funny, and most importantly, keep it real. 

As young people of the social media generation, we’re learning new things at warp speed – from the internet, from the pandemic, and especially, from our housemates – our pets. And while trying to do it all, we screw up and how. This campaign is a celebration of the lessons we learn when we don’t get it right. 

Being highly enthusiastic on the occasion, Varun Sadana, Co-Founder of Supertails said, “The point about the campaign is that pets are honest, almost ruthless when giving advice. While your best friend is helping you plan your imaginary wedding with that dreamy guy who doesn’t know you exist, your cat gives you an ominous scratch on the leg as a warning because she’s had enough of your soppy nights of heartbreaks. She lives smarter than you. With this campaign, like with all others, we wanted to bring out the voice of the pet for the young.”

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