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Virtual reality (VR) is that the utilization of technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR lets the user have an indoor experience. instead of viewing a screen before them, users are immersed and ready to interact with 3D worlds.

Some of the best examples through which we can understand the concept of virtual reality is: –


 A free-to-play multiplayer online video game social platform where players are allowed to interact with others as 3D character models. the game was released for Microsoft Windows as a standalone application compatible with the Oculus DK1 development kit on January 16, 2014, and via Steam’s early access program on February 1, 2017. It supports the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, and thus the newly added Oculus Quest 2 via the Oculus Store, the HTC Vive series, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and so the Valve Index through SteamVR.


ImmersedVR even has an upcoming “lightweight” version that can introduce Raspberry Pi compatibility. ImmersedVR’s biggest USP is its ability to figure in one in every of two modes – solo or collaboration. this suggests that you simply just can stay logged into the platform across your workday, without having to vary if you’d prefer to interact in solo work.


vFairs allows companies to conduct online events, trade shows, expos, as well as meet-ups. It offers a virtual experience to both exhibitors and visitors, the other highlights include interactive features (audio/video chat), excellent scalability, and sort of other customization options.

The world’s leading organizations just like the University of Maryland, Barclays, and several others use the vFairs software platform to interact with employees, job candidates, customers, and students,

Virtual reality is the dawn of a new era, once considered as a concept of fantasy and is now quickly becoming something that all companies are trying to implement into their business

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