Pre-filling Income Tax forms to promote e-filling


Recently, the Central Board of Direct  Taxes (CBDT) announced  that the copy of the income tax and its  returns  have no longer  to be sent for further verification .The verification code provided to the taxpayers will ensure the credibility with  transaction along with “pre-filled” forms that includes the  data related to income and  taxpayers. The IT department and its development marked the way to a new system of e-filing that can be done by either Aadhar number or through internet banking. Taxpayers with Rs 5 lakh and less as income are able to generate verification code from e-filing website which can be later sent to the registered email for further verification.

According to Anita Kapoor, the CBDT Chairperson they are looking for more entries in re- filled forms for the taxpayers to file the e return more easily. Such technological up gradation is technically manifested for the small taxpayers to file ITR’s along with the previous uploaded records such that they are given the right to get the figures corrected.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) allows this particular facility and has made clear in its reports that the tax department has recovered about Rs2.06 crore returns from the e filling portal as on September 7 .Assessing the year of 2015-2016, there has been an increase of about 22.14 lakh in taxpayers. On the same day in Bengaluru, there was an increase of 22.14 lakhs in taxpayers.

During this time frame, the tax department verified about 32.95 lakhs of e-return electronically. The advancement in technology is aiming at complete eradication of human interface in the taxpayer services for smooth processing of ITRs. In addition to this, the CBDT executives   added that close relationship will be maintained with Ministry of Communications and the Information Technology so as to get some assistance over e-verification regarding ITRs. Mrs Kapoor also added that the if the project under consideration works out,then they will get e- intermediaries with which they can do verification for the taxpayers in the years to come.


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