Prega News Launches New Film “Sunday Is Mom Day”


Prega News has released yet another new film on account of paying tribute and honor for the very prominent real-life heroes and the pillar of every family – our mothers who are working endlessly like a non-stop clock even in these difficult pandemic times to make sure her family is going well.The film is ideated and produced by ADK Fortune and is being amplified by Team Pumpkin

 Through this film, the brand urges us to celebrate ‘Sunday Is Mom Day’ as a gesture of love, and gratitude for all those things our moms do selflessly. The film aims in acknowledging the fact that mothers are constantly running all day to fulfill the wills and needs of the family.

 The Film visualizes yet another normal day in the life of a woman who is a wife, a mother, and also a daughter-in-law. While the film continues smoothly between the shots, one can almost be easily fooled that it is just a normal video – till the observant little girl notices all the things the woman does in a day from dusk to dawn and rightly specifies how working from home for a mother is very different from everyone else and that’s where she comes up with this idea of ‘Sunday Is Mom Day’ to give a hand for the mothers who are not only working from home but also endlessly working for all of us.

Rajeev Juneja, chief executive officer, Mankind Pharma said that all of us have always trusted in the strength of moms but during this pandemic, they have emerged as superheroes – who juggled work, household, kids, and all the while with a smile on their faces. Whether they are doctors, frontline warriors, or even stay-at-home moms, this pandemic has shown us the true unbeatable, indomitable spirit of moms, who worked selflessly through these difficult times to keep the families safe and sound. Our film is a small ‘Thank You’ gesture and through this, we aim to raise awareness about the acknowledgment of the hard work moms do and how we can help them in making things a little easier for them added Mr. Rajeev. The film wants us to introspect the life of our moms and thus provide them with a warmth of comfort by helping them in bringing the best of our families together.


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