QX Lab AI Launches Ask QX PRO, the first Hybrid Generative AI Multimodal Platform in 120+ Languages

QX Lab AI Launches Ask QX PRO, the first Hybrid Generative AI Multimodal Platform in 120+ Languages
QX Lab AI Launches Ask QX PRO, the first Hybrid Generative AI Multimodal Platform in 120+ Languages

QX Lab AI competes with OpenAI and aims to democratize access to Generative AI for 800 million people. The company has launched an AI Multimodal Generative Platform, including features such as text-to-image, image-to-text, document analysis, and text-to-code. The platform is also available for businesses through an enterprise version.

Bengaluru:  QX Lab AI, a cutting edge Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) company, announced today the launch of Ask QX PRO, an advanced version of its Generative AI platform Ask QX. Expanding on the success of Ask QX, which focused on text to text capabilities, Ask QX PRO introduces multimodal features like text to image, image to text, document analysis, and text to code, alongside its text to text capabilities, incorporating a wider array of functionalities and requirements.


Since its launch earlier this year, Ask QX has garnered over 15 million users, with 4 million of them engaging with the platform on a regular basis. The core focus of QX Lab AI has always been to create a platform that educates users on the vast potential of Generative AI, emphasizing use cases of this technology in both business and personal scenarios.


QX Lab AI is based on a foundational model, which means that the platform trains on its datasets and has its own API. This makes QX Lab AI one of the six foundational models in the world, along with OpenAI, Gemini, Anthropic, and Cohere, among others.


Ask QX PRO has an improved version of the previous model’s text to text feature. Additionally, its text to image feature is capable of generating clear images from textual input, while the image to text feature offers users the best source of detailed textual information derived from images. The platform’s text to code feature makes it possible to transform prose type descriptions into coded snippets, while the code editing feature allows the user to edit the code base, add new codes, and even rectify any wrong code with real-time suggestions & corrections. Furthermore, the document analyser feature allows users to browse and search documents, scan for important data, and extract information from it. These improvements give Ask QX PRO a universal value and reliability for different practical uses.


For its multimodal architecture tailored for B2B industries, Ask QX PRO has introduced two pioneering technologies: the Advanced Multimodal Synthesis System (AMSS) and the Dynamic Integration and Synthesis Matrix (DISM). AMSS employs a state-of-the-art transformer-based framework, trained on 20 trillion tokens and featuring a complex architecture of multiple small expert models, enabling robust data integration and facilitating intricate interactions among varied data types such as text and images—ideal for complex B2B applications. 


This integration is enhanced through sophisticated manifold alignment and optimized Bayesian integration, projecting inputs into a unified, comprehensive framework. DISM utilizes advanced cross-modal attention mechanisms alongside recursive tensor decomposition to seamlessly synthesize and integrate multimodal data from multiple industry sources. With up to 665 billion parameters, it ensures precise, adaptive outputs that respond dynamically to evolving business environments while incorporating differential privacy algorithms to maintain stringent data integrity and security, supporting critical B2B applications across various sectors.


Ask QX PRO has been designed to support more than 120 languages. This includes languages like English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish (Gaelic), and Cornish, and it is done with the intention of democratising access to Generative AI by catering to users from every region within this vast market. The platform inferencing ensures that outputs are relevant and resonant for all users. Users will get free access to the platform, and a premium model will be introduced by the company in mid-June this year. 


Keeping data privacy and security as the utmost priority, QX Lab AI will ensure local storage of user data is in compliance with relevant local laws. The company will work together with its infrastructure partners to safeguard user data privacy and security, adhering to the highest standards of data security applicable in the UK and the EU. For now, the Ask QX PRO application will be accessible to Android users, with the iOS version expected to be launched soon. 


Moreover, the Ask QX PRO has comprehensive data protection measures, including encryption of data at rest and in transit, using industry-standard protocols. Continuous monitoring and logging of all system activities to detect and respond to potential security threats in real time. Conduct regular security audits and penetration testing to identify and address vulnerabilities.


Mr. Arjun Prasad, Co- Founder & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), QX Lab AI said, “The launch of our multimodal platform is a testament to the tremendous response we have received for Ask QX. We believe that Europe is a crucial market for any technology company like ours, especially given the large number of tech-savvy populations ready to embrace Generative AI for personal and professional use. We recognize the importance of strategic partnerships to grow our platform and reach users across every corner of the continent. 


With this approach, we aim to replicate the success of Ask QX in the remotest parts of the continent. By focusing on local needs and preferences, we are confident that Ask QX PRO will become an indispensable platform for users throughout the region.”