Everyone finally saying goodbye to the economic crisis in 2020, and has started to look forward to a new vision and goal in a grand new year. Leaders of the radio industry are the most optimistic persons among the other groups in the market especially about their growth and turnover of the FM channels. To flourish in the new digital way of the journey the radio industry was reinventing itself throughout the year 2020. All of these have led to a chance for clamming opportunities in the year 2021 like ROI led opportunities to their brands, and new categories have also come into existence on the board. Digital strategies have increased to changing landscape so that there is a balance between them.

Many web radio platforms have been selected for the headways of FM channels. There is no question the massive economic slump was brought by the year 2020 but had given them opportunities to reinvent themselves for developing times. Leaders believe that for the radio industry to achieve greater heights this year digitization of channels and a hyperlocal approach will help. The expectations and trends that the radio industry has forecasted for this new year have been interviewed by experts. There is a vision of the growth of the radio industry and brilliantly entering into broader ways like chatbots, social commerce, gamification, and others. Many possibilities have been opened for the radio industry by seamless integration into the digital space, they believe that this will help them create the view of audio taking precedence across all innovations. According to them this innovative idea will dominate the industry and will become one of the most important and leading trends in 2021.

A whole lot of new advertisers and categories from regional and national markets into Red FM during 2020 and they hope that in this year it will continuously grow due to their on-going NBD. They would be moving away from vanilla FCT and providing Digital + Radio + On ground solutions for their advertisers leveraging their influencers. There will be strategies to adapt to the new normal and expand their customer base like Hyperlocal planning and execution brands.  Content syndication, podcasting, and other new media initiative plan will become popular.

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