“redRail by redBus presents  ‘Window Seat’: A riveting podcast series unveiling remarkable stories – Episode 2 spotlights Sudhanshu Mani and the Vande Bharat Express”

"redRail by redBus presents  'Window Seat': A riveting podcast series unveiling remarkable stories - Episode 2 spotlights Sudhanshu Mani and the Vande Bharat Express"

National, 28 June 2023 – redRail by redBus, announces the broadcast of the 2nd edition of its captivating podcast series, ‘Window Seat’. The platform presents an exclusive interview with Sudhanshu Mani, Consultant Rail Engineer and Ex General Manager of Integral Coach Factory (ICF), also the mastermind behind the iconic Vande Bharat Express. In the first episode that aired early in March, redRail interviewed Surekha Yadav – India & Asia’s first woman Loco Pilot. 

Through ‘Window Seat’, redRail by redBus provides viewers a window into the life and contribution of distinguished people, as they listen to the inspirational life and work of the personality unfold before them. Listeners embark on an immersive journey, experiencing the sights, sounds, and stories that make the Indian Railways truly incredible. Each episode uncovers fascinating memories and anecdotes shared by these notable guests, shedding light on their personal journeys and offering a fresh perspective on the men & women who work behind the scenes to make train journeys memorable.

In the second episode, redRail ‘Window Seat’ features Sudhanshu Mani, an esteemed individual who has made significant contributions to the Indian Railways. Mani’s involvement in the creation and development of the iconic Vande Bharat Express, India’s first semi high-speed train along with his deep understanding of India’s railway landscape, makes him a fascinating guest on ‘Window Seat.’ During the interview, Mani shares captivating insights into his journey, reflecting on his experiences, and offering unique perspectives on the transformative power of train travel.

From being a train traveler, to becoming a train engineer, Sudhanshu Mani sheds light on his enticing journey. Exploring his early fascination with railways, he reveals how his passion for mathematics led him to pursue a career as an engineer. Joining the Integral Coach Factory at Chennai, Mani encountered a dynamic team of engineers, manufacturers, and officers who shared his vision and determination to create something extraordinary.

The interview also delves into the evolution of the project, initially known as Train 18, which later transformed into the iconic Vande Bharat Express. Sudhanshu Mani shares insights into the challenges faced and the collective efforts that turned the project into a symbol of an aspirational and resurgent India, capturing the imagination of people across the nation.

The series promises to allure audiences with its engaging storytelling, rich narratives, and evocative soundscapes. redRail by redBus invites listeners to embark on this incredible adventure, immersing themselves in the diverse tapestry of India’s landscapes, culture, and untold stories.

“We believe that travel is not just about reaching a destination, but also about the transformative experiences that unfold along the way. ‘Window Seat’ by redRail is our way of bringing those captivating stories to life, showcasing the incredible journeys and perspectives of remarkable individuals. Through this podcast, we aim to spark wanderlust, ignite curiosity, and inspire our audience to embark on their own unforgettable adventures” adds Pallavi Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer at redBus.

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