Revolutionize smart locking system with Lavna L-A24 Digital Lock

Revolutionize smart locking system with Lavna L-A24 Digital Lock
Revolutionize smart locking system with Lavna L-A24 Digital Lock

Your assets are the most essential items in your life, and they need the highest level of safety/safe surroundings. Upgrading to the latest is necessary for today’s environment to ensure the highest level of security and the greatest possible safety results. To capitalize on security concerns, the most recent item has been presented to the market. Lavina’s technologically advanced App-based smart locks will not only keep your properties safe but will also allow you to access them remotely from anywhere in the world. 

L-A24 is designed in a manner that can be accessed by using one or other out of 6 smart ways enabling the user a smart experience for greater control and efficiency. It can be accessed from the users’ fingerprint, RFID Card, PIN, Bluetooth unlocking, OTP Unlocking and Key.

Its 360 fingerprint sensor can memorize up to 100 fingerprints too blazingly fast and can unlock the door within a second with ease of access to move in and out. The RFID card provided with the lock can be used to tap and unlock your door. The OTP-based access allows the user to allow anyone to access the door lock with a prompt code which will only last for 10 minutes by easily setting the time. To stop any unwanted person from accessing your property, you can turn on the privacy mode that enables the owner to only access the lock and automatically disable the feature when you go inside the door and close the gate. It also has a Public Mode that allows you to unlock it at once and provide access to all the persons at a time. 

The Smart feature-rich Lavna locks do not require any sort of network access. They are easily pairable via Bluetooth access to your smartphone. The smart mobile app also enables you to access your door with ease. These specially designed locks are so easily accessible that even children can access them easily. Lavna locks are a one-stop where you may find the most cutting-edge security solutions in the smart lock business.

The data management system of the lock stores the data of users who have already opened the door at least once. The rich data sync feature allows sharing the entrant data to your mobile phone to access the details relatively.