Robotic Startups: The future of tomorrow


Robotic startups are seeing a rise in demand because the world is heading towards an automatic future. Robots are machines that make human work easier and complete tasks by mimicking human abilities. There was once a time when robots were a futuristic concept that might only perform limited tasks, but now, bots are capable of handling various tasks like cleaning homes, fighting fires, and surgeries.


1. Aegeus

Aegeus is a company that develops solutions that protect and makes use efficient use of energy in several industries. The company’s operations make power safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable. Aegeus works following its end-users, right from the start of the look stage to grasp their challenges and develop solutions accordingly. With an aim to guard the environment, Aegeus’s products have multiple utilities.


With the drone market growing in popularity in several businesses, FlytBase makes drone agnostic software solutions to automate and accelerate drone operations. It’s the primary Drones Platform (IoD) within the world and enables easy deployment of intelligent drones that are connected via the cloud.

3. Robosoft System

Robosoft System could also be a search and development company that operates within the fields of IoT, smart manufacturing, robotics, and automation. the corporate was started with a mission to create it big in robotics. one in every of Robosoft System’s initial clients approached the corporate to style and manufacture a singular robot for HVAC inspection and cleaning for indoor air quality. Its robot, the DuctBot, was made for this specific job which became a moment of success.

4. Omnipresent Robot Tech

Omnipresent Robot Tech is one altogether India’s leading robotics, Industrial UAV/drone, and video analytics startups. the corporate build drones and robots for the aim of business inspection, defense, and related software. Powered by computer vision, machine learning, and computer game, Omnipresent Robot Tech has impressed clients with its visual analytics and insights.

5. Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den could be a popular computer vision and computer science company that’s building futuristic AI architecture. the corporate aims to make models of generalizable intelligence on a scale that may be used for meaningful applications across industries, globally.

6. I2U2 Robots

This Indian robotic company has created I2U2, a consumer robot for private and family use. The developed bot may be a robotic chassis that converts any smartphone or tablet (powered by the internet) into a sensible telepresence robot with video-enabled navigational capabilities. A loved one can log in remotely with a smartphone app and have a presence within the house with the robot.

7. Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics builds robotic solutions for automated functional testing of physical devices with human capabilities. The company’s creations are being employed by OEMs and repair providers to leverage test cycles and reduce time-to-market for his or her products. Sastra’s clientele includes a number of the worlds’ biggest enterprises for its quality assurance.

8. Solabot Solabot’s mission is to reduce the losses incurred on solar modules and maximize the output to extend alternative energy plants’ profit. With cutting-edge solutions to industry-related problems

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