Rusan Pharma’s 2baconil launches ‘No Reason is Good Enough’ campaign to empower people quit smoking

Rusan Pharma
Rusan Pharma’s 2baconil launches 'No Reason is Good Enough' campaign to empower people quit smoking

31st March | National : Rusan Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving healthcare globally, has launched it’s campaign to promote tobacco de-addiction with the brand ‘2baconil’ – the only Indian brand to indigenously develop, manufacture and market India’s first 24-hour Nicotine transdermal patch.

2baconil’s #NoReasonIsGoodEnough campaign comes from a deeper consumer insight and realisation that people give various reasons for smoking. However, there is ‘no reason is good enough’ to continue with this habit. Not only the individuals who smoke, but the lives of their loved ones are also compromised in the process. It’s crucial to put powerful mechanisms and resources in place to help people quit smoking and reclaim control over their lives, rather than simply emphasizing the negative health impacts of smoking.

The campaign is live on various social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, DVCs have been shared consistently throughout the month.

Mega Influencers from different walks of life, such as Pooja Makhija, Sapna Vyas, Aadar Malik, and Radhika Bose, collaborated with this campaign, and spread the message to a wider audience to quit smoking. The central theme aims at portraying the benefits of ‘2baconil nicotine patch’ as an effective therapy in reducing the physical and psychological addiction to nicotine.  

Pooja Makhija breaks the myths about smoking and gives the audience an eye-opener about the negative impacts of smoking. She highlights how people’s overall health does not improve in spite of eating healthy and exercising, as the negative impact of smoking takes precedence. Smoking reduces one’s appetite and increases the chances of chronic illnesses. Sapna Vyas enlightened people about the impact of smoking on holistic wellness. She talks about how many of us look for an easy life and are not determined to leave our bad habits that jeopardize our lives. She stresses on the importance of self-motivation, as smoking hampers overall growth for a happy, long, and healthy life.

Aadar Malik shares a hilarious take on an otherwise serious topic that was unique in spreading the campaign message. He leaves the audience amused, through a song that talks about the dangers of smoking. Aadar’s ‘clean sutta song’ narrates ‘ways not to die.’ He highlights how one can combat nicotine addiction through 2baconil nicotine patches instead of relying on hypnotherapy. Radhika Bose suggests using these patches along with breathing exercises and yoga asanas to quit smoking and improve overall health. She further shares how the 2baconil nicotine patch works by releasing remedial nicotine into the body in 24 hrs. Eventually, the dose gets reduced to over 12 weeks that helps with withdrawal and nicotine intake. 

Commenting on the campaign, Malavika Saxena, Director – Marketing, Rusan Pharma Ltd. said, “Through #NoReasonIsGoodEnough campaign, our message is simple yet powerful – there is no reason good enough to continue smoking. We want to inspire and motivate individuals to take control of their addiction and make positive changes for themselves and their families. To make this a success, 2baconil provides all the necessary resources and support them with their journey. We are delighted to have collaborated with influential personalities who have joined us in spreading this message to people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. With 2baconil, we hope to make a positive impact in the lives of those struggling with nicotine addiction.”

Bad habits are hard to quit and most of us give reasons to justify them. Through this campaign, Rusan Pharma is aiming to advocate the larger message of no reason being good enough to harm your health and wellness, through messages that are not only easy to comprehend and relatable but trigger powerful emotions. By empowering individuals to break free from tobacco addiction, Rusan is helping to create a healthier, happier world for all. 

2baconil is available in nicotine patches and gums For more information on the 2baconil campaign and Rusan’s initiatives, visit their website: