Saffola Soya Bhurji unveils its first ever ‘Versatile Anytime Delicious Snack’ Digital campaign

Saffola Soya Bhurji
 Saffola Soya Bhurji unveils its first ever ‘Versatile Anytime Delicious Snack’ Digital campaign

National, 5th April 2023: Saffola has released its latest Digital campaign ‘Aise waise, Kaise bhi khao, Apni Chhoti Bhook Mitao’ to showcase their all-new Saffola Soya Bhurji. The first ever campaign by Marico Limited’s expanded plant-based protein portfolio is a commitment towards catering a first of its kind protein rich instant snack across demographics. It is enriched with 2X protein and has the goodness of soya and vegetables striking the ideal balance between taste and health. It can be consumed as a standalone snack or curated into lip-smacking dishes like Soya Bhurji Roll, Chaat, Frankie, Cutlets and more, for any occasion – from breakfasts, evening snack to guilt-free midnight munching!

The first film opens with two women raising concerns of how their Kid & Husband, fondly referred as babies in the film, are fussy eaters, making it increasingly difficult to find the right snacking option. The second film opens in an office canteen showcasing a fitness enthusiast who has forgotten his protein snack at home and a regular guy boasting about how he remembered to bring his tasty and protein rich Soya Bhurji snack. Both the film ends highlighting the messaging of ‘chotti bhook’ and how Soya Bhurji is solving this small hunger problem instantly.

Link to view the films:

Saffola Soya Bhurji – Aise Waise Kaise Bhi Khao, Apni Choti Bhook Mittao – Baby & Husband

Saffola Soya Bhurji–Aise Waise Kaise Bhi Khao, Apni Choti Bhook Mittao–Working Professional

Speaking on the new Digital campaign, Mr. Sanjay Mishra, COO-India & CEO – New Business– Marico Ltd, said: “Saffola Soya Bhurji is the result of Marico’s drive to constantly innovate, keeping in mind the ever-changing consumer trends. We identified that modern consumers are seeking snacking options that are healthy protein-rich, convenient and tasty at the same time. Through this light-hearted campaign, we aim to spread awareness of how Soya Bhurji can be the perfect go-to snack among all age groups and across both health-conscious and taste-conscious consumers.”

Conceptualized by Mullen Lintas agency, the new digital campaign lays emphasis on the goodness of Soya Bhurji as a tasty and versatile snack for Small Hunger!

The product is available in the multipurpose Magic Masala flavor that packs 12.6 gm protein per serving across modern trade and major e-commerce platforms.