Samsung Brings the Magic of Indian Folk Art to the Living Room


Local Indian folk and tribal art has been added to the art store of Samsung’s lifestyle TV The Frame, making it an even more prized object to acquire for the art enthusiast in you.

This new collection, which is part of a growing library of over 1,400 items, includes art forms from all over the Indian subcontinent, showcasing Indian artists’ rich legacy.

Samsung has partnered with the Floating Canvas Company to rekindle interest in Indian art forms.

Customers can get a three-month complimentary subscription to the Frame to make it even more thrilling.

The art will be available on all models of The Frame TVs, which are both a TV and an art piece when turned on.

“A fantastic method to give living rooms a distinguishing touch is to display distinctive art forms that reflect consumers’ particular style.”

Every region of India has its own rich and vivid folk art, and we are delighted to bring folk art into your house with The Frame, one of the most magnificent lifestyle televisions.

Consumers today expect their televisions to enhance the beauty of their living spaces while also providing a quality cinematic experience, according to Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

The art collection includes Kalighat Paintings from Bengal, Cheriyal Scroll Paintings from Telangana, Madhubani Paintings from Bihar, Patachitra Paintings from Odisha and Bengal,

Bhil artworks from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, Baiga artworks from Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh, Warli Paintings from Maharashtra, and Kerala Mural Paintings from Kerala.

The Frame TV isn’t only pretty; it also has QLED technology, which allows for lifelike colors, increased contrast, and perfect details with 100 percent color volume for amazing picture quality.

Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, a powerful Quantum Processor 4K, 4K AI upscaling capabilities, and SpaceFit Sound, which auto-optimizes sound settings after analyzing the surroundings of your room, are all included in the Frame.

During the holiday season, the Frame 2021 is covered by a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

Availability & Price the Frame TV can be purchased at Samsung’s own online store, Samsung shop, Amazon, Flipkart, and all major consumer electronics retail stores across the country.

Customers who purchase The Frame TV through Samsung’s official online store, Samsung shop, can get up to 17.5 percent cash back from major banks.

Samsung’s Specifications Style Your Own Television with The Frame: Change the atmosphere of your living room to reflect your particular taste. The sleek bezel design will complement any home environment and will make your space stand out.

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