Samsung India to partner with Instagram in 2021


For the first time in the market Samsung India, a leading smartphone vendor is partnering with Facebook’s photo and video-sharing social media platform, Instagram to instigate an exceptional initiative ‘Hunt for the Next Galaxy Expert ‘. Samsung will also launch ‘Galaxy Creators Lounge’ first time for the Indian Creators to access the latest Galaxy devices for content creation. Samsung brings this platform for creators via an experimental launch in India on January 30, 2021. The lounge designed specifically for the content creators not only helps them to experience the new Galaxy devices but also to share those experiences with the audiences through engaging content. The partnership with Instagram aims at leveraging the branded content for the endorsement of its flagship Galaxy S21 series as well as to foster engagement with the creators. The program named ‘Born on Instagram’ initiated in 2019 was a platform created especially for the Indian creators to learn and grow. and to explore new ideas. The program will help the creators to exhibit their talent and skills and also enable them to link with their fellow Instagrammers effectively. It also enables the content creators to strengthen their technical skills through the use of advanced camera technology offered by the latest flagship Galaxy series. The platform brings together the creators and provides them with the opportunity to interact with the Galaxy experts, industry leaders, and also with the co-creators.

Through an exciting series of contests and workshops, the initiative allows the best creators to win the latest Galaxy devices including the latest phones in the Galaxy flagship S21 series. The winner will be awarded the ‘Galaxy Expert ‘ title and can become a member of an elite league of creators across the world. They will get the unique chance to access the upcoming Samsung Unpacked events. Galaxy S21 series smartphones offer the best platform for the creators with their epic resolution and premium camera features. The program also aims at broadening their audiences.  With a first of its kind partnership with the ‘Born on Instagram ‘ community, and ‘Galaxy Creators Lounge ‘ program, Samsung targets strengthening its network between brands and enhancing the engagement of its creative content creators.

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