Satellite in an OTT World


Since the beginning of the pandemic, OTT platforms in the region have gained a large audience. In 2022, these platforms will grow their game with viewers watching more web content than TV.

The new year will see more investment, growth and diversification of language-specific content, delivering more value to customers. TV has always had great appeal, but times are changing.

 Today, in order to attract a wide audience, television has to change not only its content strategy but also its distribution and marketing strategies.

Content is king and the viewer shift from television to streaming video platforms can be attributed to the quality of content provided by these platforms to engage and entertain young minds.

There is still enough market for OTT and linear satellite to co-exist if TV breaks through existing molds and undergoes a global reinvention of content to engage viewers. However, if this is not taken into account, next year will see OTTs completely go mainstream.

What’s more, it will be a year of regional cinema as many players double their investment to maintain the user base they built in these two years. In business so far 14 years, I have seen all the trends, launched three channels and now the OTT platform.

In many regions of the world, subscribers use the service on multiple devices: television, laptop, tablet and phone.  In the US the average household has three devices on which video is viewed, and in many households all three, or more, will be being used simultaneously, sometimes by one user but more often by different members of the household. 

By definition, OTT is a unicast service.  So three devices equates to three separate video streams.  Streams which all need to be delivered in different formats, bit rates and coding depending on the device

Chaupal was launched keeping in mind the current needs of consumers who prefer differentiated and accessible content. The fact that our OTT recorded 5k downloads in the first quarter is enough proof of public preference.

Chaupal broadcasts content in three regional languages: Punjabi, Haryanvi and Bhojpuri. In 2022, the foundation is planning two seasons of a show called Shahi Majra, in addition to movies like Kade Haa Kade Naa, `Umran Ch Ki Rakheya`, Miss Tania`, Ghoda Dhai Kadam`, Sab Phadey Jaangey`, `Shagan`, ` Vyah Da Laddu`, `DJ Waley Babu`, `Aaja Mexican Chaliye` and `Mull Di Janani`.

Our strategy to disrupt clutter in 2022 is to deliver world-class content relevant to viewers and fill gaps in the regional entertainment space for more people to engage with platforms and regional platform and create a new wave in the OTT industry.

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