Security of Personal and Big Data


The advancement of global technology and the significance of data are mutually interlinked. The importance of data increases day by day. The data is the fuel for technology. So the individual data become more relevant. Many sources are used to collect the data for a certain purpose, for example, social media, mobile application, tracking facility, etc.

The data are necessary to improve the quality of technology. At the same time, the data is precious, both organizational data and personal data. The privacy of data is the responsibility of both the individual and the web application developer. The advancement of technology redirects the process of decision making and problem-solving, it influences the emerging business. The organizations access the data from the individual with their permission to improve the quality of business. As per policy, the collected organizations are responsible for the privacy of data. Both human rights and business economic growth are important for the survival of society.

As we know the importance of data, but at the same time data is important for the growth of technology. So it is a necessity to ensure the security of collected data from breach and misuse. To ensure security the technology develops is utilizing different methods. Data encryption is one of the methods used to hide the identity of the individual. The different countries having different data policy and data privacy is an important concern of most of the countries.

Privacy in IoT: The internet of things connects the individual devices to enable the facilities of technology.  The required information is collected for the individual device to improve the quality of technology. The governing agencies and develops having their policies as per the state law, data privacy is the responsibility of the data collecting agency, so the user data privacy ensures by the developer itself.

Privacy in big data: The survival of the organization is depending upon big data. They are utilizing big data for decision making, forecasting, etc. The privacy of big data is a concern of the authority, so the process of big data also having certain rules and regulations to protect the information.


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