Series of Spoken Word Artistry, Bekhauf Baatein, Theatre Show Culminated in Mumbai

Series of Spoken Word Artistry, Bekhauf Baatein, Theatre Show Culminated in Mumbai
Series of Spoken Word Artistry, Bekhauf Baatein, Theatre Show Culminated in Mumbai

Mumbai, November 28, 2023 – In a captivating evening of spoken word artistry, Bekhauf Baatein 3.0 unfolded at the Veda Factory, Mumbai, resonating with a global call to action the United Nations' 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Aligned with the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE campaign, the event embraced the theme “UNiTE! Activism To End Violence Against Women and Girls!” as the cornerstone of its narrative.

The evening featured exceptional performances by spoken word artists, including Vidushi
Chadha, Smita Bharti, Taranjit Kaur, Rajesh Gopie, Divy Nidhi Sharma, Sandip Soparkarr,
Avantika Sharma, Nivedita Chandra, Dr. Deepa Bhajekar, Parth Vasani, Maryam Zameela, Yash Dwivedi, Sangeet Masoom and Saniya Ansari. Their creative endeavour contributes towards amplifying the voice for the prevention of gender-based violence serving as a catalyst for positive change, challenging societal norms, and inspiring action.

This lineup of spoken word artists reflected a diverse and talented group committed to using their creative expressions to amplify the voice against gender-based violence. Through their artistry, they initiated difficult conversations and navigated sensitive topics, bringing to light the often-overlooked aspects of gender-based violence. Their ability to address these issues head- on showcased a resilience that is essential in the face of societal challenges. By tackling uncomfortable truths and shedding light on the complexities of violence against women and girls, the artists emphasised the urgency of breaking the silence surrounding these issues.

Moreover, the need for unity and collective action emerged as a recurrent theme throughout the evening. The artists articulated the importance of coming together as a community, transcending boundaries and differences to stand united against gender-based violence. Their performances served as a rallying call for solidarity, emphasising that only through a combined effort can meaningful change be achieved. In acknowledging the shared responsibility to end violence, the artists reinforced the idea that it is through dialogue, understanding, and collective determination that we can hope to create a world free from the shackles of gender- based violence.

As the echoes against gender-based violence continue to resonate, Sakshi remains dedicated to its mission in the prevention of gender-based violence. Bekhauf Baatein 3.0 is not just an event, it’s a movement that paves the way for a future where every voice is heard without fear or inhibition. Sakshi looks forward to future editions, where the power of spoken words continues to strive for a gender just world.