Setting Limits, Blocking International Usage and Keeping Credit Cards Safe from Online Hackers


There are simple tricks to keep your credit card safe and avoid any unauthorized transactions. Nowadays, hacking has been a very familiar form of fraud and thus has decreased the reliability of online transactions. There are high chances of unauthorized transactions, so every cardholder should be alert and mindful while using credit cards. In domestic transactions, there is a requirement of two-factor authorization. While in the case of international transactions, they do not require OTP to complete the process and online hackers are a big threat to such customers. In order to keep your credit card safe and avoid unauthorized transactions from online hackers and phishers, few safety measures could be followed.

For the safety of each card-holder, a customer can not only block domestic and international transactions but also can set limits on the credit card. Sometimes the card is lost from the customers or there is a credit card fraud. At that time the customer cannot access his/her card or its usage gets blocked and the impact of loss is limited. That is for safety limits are set on the credit card in terms of access. The unauthorized transactions are generally refunded by card issuers pending investigation. 

credit card limit setting can be done for both domestic and international transactions. The daily limit or upper limit can be set in this way. If the credit limit on your card is Rs.1.5 lakh, you can set a transaction limit to any other amount like Rs.10,000 or Rs.30,000. By doing so, you can at best limit the risk. Even if a hacker attempts a fraud transaction, the limits so set will not allow the hacker’s transaction to become successful. Such limits can also be set separately for online transactions, point-of-sale, or ATM transactions. 

Most credit cards are enabled to do international transactions. It is better to switch it off if you are not a frequent traveler abroad. That is block an international transaction on your credit card. To manage credit card limits and to block international transactions you can logon to the website or from bankers’ app. Some card issuers may not provide all the facilities. In case if there are any running instructions, the bank-initiated transactions and EMIs that goes through the card will not be impacted.


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