Signia Celebrates 25 Years of Journey

Signia Celebrates 25 Years of Journey
Signia Celebrates 25 Years of Journey

June 06, 2023: Signia, a leader in the hearing aid industry, is celebrating 25 years of driving innovation, improving hearing health, and transforming lives journey across India. Part of the globally recognized WSA Group, Signia marks this tremendous milestone with a track record of making hearing impairment less of a challenge and more of an empowering journey.

For 25 years, Signia has been at the forefront of revolutionizing hearing aid technology in India, never ceasing to amaze. The ‘Brilliant Sound Galaxy (BSG)’ concept stores, introduced across multiple cities, have proven to be a game-changer. Providing a unique interactive platform for people to self-discover, self-screen, and indulge in a live hearing experience, Signia has transformed the path of auditory enhancement.

Elated about this landmark achievement, Mr. Avinash Pawar, CEO & Managing Director, Sivantos India Pvt. Ltd., expressed, “Our 25-year journey has been incredible and rewarding. We’ve grown, innovated, and most importantly, we’ve made a real difference in the lives of thousands. The future holds even more promise as we continue to break barriers and empower individuals in their auditory journey.”

Signia’s heart beats not just for innovation, but also for giving back to society. The company has, over the years, gifted many hearing aids to the underprivileged, aiding their progress into a world of sound. Adding to this endeavour, Signia has proudly taken under its wing the prodigious Shourya Saini, a deaf sports shooter who has amazed the world with his performance and resilience.

The pride of India’s music industry and the brand ambassador for Signia, the legendary Sudesh Bhosle, lauded this journey, “As someone who owes his life to sounds, I stand in awe of Signia’s unwavering commitment to break down auditory barriers. It is a matter of great pride to join hands with an organization that is as passionate about sound as I am. On this momentous occasion, here’s to creating more melodies, spinning more tales, and touching more lives.”

Signia’s journey of 25 years is a testament to its relentless passion for sound. As it steps into the next era, it promises to keep its symphony alive – of innovating, of helping people hear the world in all its brilliance, and of giving sound to silent stories.