Simplilearn, together with Purdue University, hosts its 4th Convocation Ceremony


Mumbai, October 30, 2021: Simplilearn, the world’s #1 Online Bootcamp and a frontrunner in the EdTech domain, hosted its 4th convocation ceremony in partnership with Purdue University, congratulating over 370 learners for successfully completing their post-graduation learning with Simplilearn. Attending the event were Professor Aly El Gamal, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, and Karandeep Singh, Chief Financial Officer, Simplilearn.  Professor Sadagopan, Director, IIITB, and a Purdue University alumnus was the Guest of Honour at the convocation.

The convocation ceremony was held to recognize the meritorious students on their accomplishments. It was an acknowledgment by Simplilearn and Purdue University representatives of the successful completion of the various post-graduate programs by learners in the following categories: PGP Data science, PGP AIML, PGP Data Analytics, PGP Data Engineering, PGP Digital Marketing, and PGP Business Analytics.The virtual convocation ceremony was vibrant with enthusiasm and excitement from the learners.

Speaking at the ceremony, Karandeep Singh, Chief Financial Officer, Simplilearn, said, “My heartiest congratulations to all the students on the successful completion of their post-graduation learning. Post the pandemic, we have seen extensive changes in the industry and in the nature of jobs. It has taught us that everyone, irrespective of their qualification or experience, has to upskill and reskill themselves; in order to keep abreast with the changing patterns of the industry. Simplilearn has always been at the forefront of digital upskilling with industry-relevant courses. We are delighted to have equipped over 370 students with the most in-demand skills, and we hope to see all of them shine in their respective careers.”

Professor Sadagopan, Director- IIITB, said, “It gives me immense pleasure to be here among a group of young, talented minds who are now set to shine in their respective fields. Your dedication to learn and upskill has given you the tools and experience to help you face various challenges in your professional life. Continue to remain curious and constantly upskill yourself. Every new learning and digital skill acquired is a step closer towards winning in the future.”

Avishek Khan, completing the Post Graduate Program in Data Science at Simplilearn said, “I am grateful to Simplilearn for providing us with a wonderful course on Data Science. All the faculties were great and made their best effort in understanding our queries and answering them. I am working on the data governance side and wanted to switch my career towards data science. Data governance and data science are closely related, as without proper governance in place, data scientists will not get quality and accurate data for their analysis. After this course, I now have knowledge on both data governance and data science which will allow me to develop processes across the organization for accurate, complete, consistent, and curated data to be made available for analytics. I am currently involved in a data science project in my organization and am slowly contributing towards it. I can now relate to and apply various concepts that we’d been taught in the classes. I am sure the program will help me further in my career path. Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow graduates for helping out with queries during the sessions and wish them all the best for their futures.”

This is the 4th convocation ceremony hosted by Simplilearn and Purdue University. A quarterly event, the next ceremony will be held in Q4 FY22.