Skoda Auto India launches a certified pre-owned cars program


A ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ program with an exclusive range of handpicked cars has been launched by SKODA AUTO India. The cars will be inspected by qualified experts through a series of 160-plus inspection points and will be returned to former glory using genuine parts and accessories wherever required.

A manufacturer-backed warranty of up to two years (24 months) or 150,000 km (whichever is earlier) would come with SKODA AUTO cars purchased under the scheme. The specified scheme can also accommodate cars that do not carry the SKODA badge and may, however, be bought with a promise of up to one year (12 months) or 15,000 km.

Also, buyers may swap their old vehicles (which may or may not be from ŠKODA AUTO) and earn attractive exchange bonuses for the purchase of a new ŠKODA AUTO car, whether an SUV, executive sedan, or RS.

Brand Director of SKODA AUTO India, Zac Hollis,  admits that the pandemic has not only affected the automobile industry but has also altered the consumer’s purchasing habits. In the present scenario, we see great promise in the pre-owned vehicle market, as personal mobility has gained importance. In the present scenario, we see great promise in the pre-owned vehicle market, as personal mobility has gained importance. In the long term, as consumers have matured and are constantly updating their cars, this segment will see tremendous growth. As we are expanding our market model to meet our expectations, the ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ initiative is part of our growth strategy in India. 

Hollis says that the demand for second-hand vehicles has always been good, but the market is completely unorganized. He also adds that the pandemic has led to an increase in the amount of trade for pre-owned vehicles, but buyers are also aware of their choice of vehicle, cost,  mileage, color, and other criteria of safety, quality, and performance.

Having a certified pre-owned vehicle from a licensed player gives buyers value for money and also peace of mind for their used vehicle. But indeed, we could conclude that the need for personal protection and sanitation has a significant effect on the decision to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. An exclusive app for digital assessment of a customer’s car and advanced technologies has also been introduced by the company. Avik Chattopadhyay, the founder of Expereal, a brand consulting company, states that, due to the  COVID-19 situation, the used car industry in India is in the midst of a revolution. He states that the ratio of consumers who choose new to old vehicles is usually 1:1.6, which is usually an indication of a maturing economy, where the first-time consumer also chooses purchasing a new car to a used one.


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