Sleepyhead launches India’s first 6D Hexagon Grid mattress – Technic

Sleepyhead launches India’s first 6D Hexagon Grid mattress - Technic
Sleepyhead launches India’s first 6D Hexagon Grid mattress - Technic


~The mattress provides unmatched comfort and support with its groundbreaking sleep technology~


Sleepyhead, a leading D2C lifestyle and innovative sleep solutions brand, has launched India’s first 6D Hexagon Grid mattress. The Technic 3-Zone 6D Grid Mattress is set to revolutionize the industry with its cutting-edge sleep technology, offering extraordinary support and comfort for the ultimate sleep experience. 


The 6D Hexagon Grid technology is engineered to perfection, providing impeccable support and breathability for the body. The unique hexagonal structure with over 3000 air channels, provides advanced heat dissipation for a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, the 3-Zone Pressure Distribution System caters to different body parts, the lower body, spine and neck & shoulder, offering exceptional support to the back and ensuring overall comfort for pain-free mornings. The 6D grid is a lot more durable when compared to the other grids available in the market. Its shape and thick wall render it a firmness and durability like none other. 


Enhancing comfort, the Technic mattress features super-soft foam for ideal plushness. Its gentle, cradle-like bounce improves sleeping posture, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Additionally, the mattress has a premium fabric outer cover that promotes easy breathing. It comes with a zipper, making it convenient to wash and reuse the cover ensures lasting freshness.


Crafted for superior weight distribution, spine alignment, and total sleep comfort, the Technic 3-Zone 6D Grid Mattress is a true game-changer in the world of sleep. With this product, the brand plans to reach out to premium grid customers with a good purchasing power.


Commenting on the newly launched product, Mr. Sridhar Balakrishnan, Group CEO, Duroflex, said, “The Technic 3-Zone 6D Grid Mattress is a game-changer in sleep – it’s a comfort revolution rooted in science. Our mission is to redefine the way we sleep, and with Technic, Sleepyhead enters the #FutureofSleep, offering unmatched comfort driven by scientific innovation. Technic will enhance our presence in the sleep industry with mattresses tailored to modern lifestyles, ensuring effective and technologically advanced sleep solutions for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience.”


To drive awareness, Sleepyhead has launched a digital campaign featuring Ranveer Singh that displays a comical twist to what the Future of sleep will look like. The film begins with a scene from the future where he is bestowed the mission to steal the alien’s secret Technic mattress. He, however, finds himself so comfortable and relaxed that he can’t resist the urge to sleep. Ranveer with his witty demeanour, manages to steal the mattress in the nick of time just before the countdown ends, saving Mumbai from the aliens by stealing their secret weapon, the Technic Grid Mattress from the future!

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Technic mattress is available on the Sleepyhead website and in their recently launched retail store in Bangalore. The brand also assures a 100-night trial policy and a 10-year warranty on purchase. The brand endeavours to provide customers with convenient and cutting-edge range of sleep solutions by enriching their shopping experience.


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