Sober: India’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, a social non-drinker’s dream come true


India’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Sober is a social non-drinker’s dream come true! Created with the idea to bring forth an extraordinary replacement to your average alcoholic drinks, Sober brings forth a spirit that tastes like gin, feels like gin minus the alcohol, hang over and calories.

Putting forth a choice, whether you’re driving, training, dieting, parenting, waking up early, abstaining for religious reasons or planning to quit drinking altogether; Sober satiates one’s alcohol cravings, providing the same drinking experience devoid of alcohol, hangovers and calories!

Sober Gin is the first product from the portfolio of Sober (Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits). It is distilled with organically grown herbs and mood-enhancing adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Natural Green Tea Extract, exuding the same taste and flavour as the spirit with out the negative after-effects alcohol brings along. Natural herbs and botanicals are beneficial ingredients, boosting the mood, relieving stress and anxiety- making the drink an impeccable alternative.

Always wanting to explore the beverage business, Sober is the brainchild of founder Vansh Pahuja, who sought the gap in the market- finding either fancy cocktails or sugary mocktails on restaurant and bar menus; working to strike a balance between the two.

With bartenders getting their due credit, now being termed as ‘liquid chefs’, the Cocktail culture in India is on a high rise, leaving minimal to no space for good drinking options for those looking to give the spirits a miss. Sober seeks to bring the same experience to non-drinkers. Speaking about the birth of Sober, Vansh said ‘An array of personal instances lead to the culmination of Sober for me- be it finding only water or soda as a sober drinking choice while my friends clinked drinks at a bar one day, or finding my father a replacement for his beloved whiskey that was now advised against by his doctor. The last thread was when my pregnant friend felt left out of her own celebration as we rose a toast to her, I knew I had to create a sensible solution for this’

As a global pandemic shook the world, India’s government banned all liquor stores, while on the other hand, all bars and restaurants were shut down. This was a turning point for Sober, as patrons now craved an apt replacement for alcohol. Guidelines on strengthening the immune system made headlines, through which wellness was stressed upon and alcohol was cut down. Vansh then realized the power of Sober- one both beneficial and exciting.

While tea or fruit juices could never replace drinks at a social gathering, tonic waters and premixes also limit patrons to limited choices. Sober brings forth freedom of choice- replacing the traditional gin as a base, letting consumers add their mixer of choice- creating with it what they love best!

Sober Gin substitutes 1:1 in place of any traditional alcoholic gin. It can be poured with any tonic, water or soda, or any beverage one would ideally add gin to, making for a sensational sipping experience.

Guaranteed not to feel left out; be it a night out one must safely drive home from, or religious reasons to stay sober- be it pregnancy or merely freedom of choice- Sober is the solution to all non-drinkers woes- giving them the same experience as all others!

Currently, the first batch of Sober Gin is being distilled and prepared in collaboration with Spaceman Spirits Lab and is expected to market this Winter. In the future, the brand seeks to create Sober Rum, and eventually add Sober Whiskey to their portfolio as well.


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