Social media and mobile phones, the modern day customer retention tools


Customer loyalty is one of the major factors that affect the nature of a business within no time. Business organizations usually tend to implement innovative strategies to attract customers. With the trends rapidly changing every day, the likes of the customers keep changing as well. They always look forward to changes that make their way of living different.

The sales methodologies used by companies in today’s market are of the early 80’s and 90’s which eventually do not give them the market edge.

Organizations follow various strategies to keep their customers intact as they may shift to a different dealer offering better products or at a better price. Bigger companies which report high revenue profits usually tend to invest on surveys to know what the customers really want. They get results on a temporary basis as a customers’ mind always has the probability to change with time.

The other major strategy followed by market leaders is the promotions. We once saw companies promoting themselves and their products using advertising features like banners or TV adds. With technology coming up with new advancements, companies cannot expect customers to be depending on same old sources to know the market situation. So businesses which try and understand a customers’ likes and dislikes would end up market leaders.

The most effective promotions chosen today include the social media and the mobile phones. Surveys state that most of the business generated comes from that of the teens followed by the kids and then the older. This suggests how social media and mobiles can be considered trusted sources. Social media giants like facebook, twitter and youtube are the most talked about promoters. Today the teens use social media as a medium to send notifications across to their friends and family members. Users even have the access to send gifts online or transfer money to an active account. This is because the customers keep track of changing trends and advancements through the promotions made online.

Today every organization across the world uses the social media platform to retain their customers. But then, a modern day man would gradually depend on attractive promotions. This may be in the form of change in versions of the product or the low price tagged deals. This is how businesses make effective use of social media platform to promote themselves.

Mobile phones are also considered an effective medium to promote products. People especially the teens and executives who frequently travel depend on mobile phone to send in important data and notifications through email. Meanwhile companies store in as much customer information as possible with small surveys within their outlets. This will enable them to connect with their loyal customers in the form of messages. These messages are again an active way of promoting the products. Users can get to know the details of new products getting into stores that may include the product type, price and website information from where the complete information can be grabbed or eventually be shopped online. Food chains like Dominos and McDonalds are able to retain customers through services like door-to-door delivery and offer deals on every product. This would allow customers to enjoy quality services even without having to walk into the stores.


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