Sociowash is now a great place to work-certified!


New Delhi – Sociowash has been an amazing place to work since 2015 and it just got official, as we are now Great Place to Work®-Certified in India (from March ‘22 – March ‘23). Before we celebrate this recognition, here’s something about GPTW that you need to know! Great Place To Work is an award conferred on organizations that nurture a high-trust & high-performance culture in the workplace. This accolade is yet another feather added to Sociowash’s cap, which recognises what we as an organization believe in, that is, building a work culture that fosters an environment for everyone’s growth, above and beyond the professional sphere.

Through its extensive work with various organizations and institutions, Great Place to Work® has concluded that trust makes a workplace truly great and Sociowash is committed towards fostering a trust-worthy environment for any and everyone associated with us.

“We, at Sociowash, believe in having a team-first culture. It has always been crucial for us to establish a transparent and trustworthy structure, inclusive of everybody’s voice, where people can approach, reason and work together. Every team member is fully entitled to a sense of belongingness as we believe our team members are an extension of who we are. Our team has and continues to be one of our biggest strengths”, Pranav Agarwal, Co-founder, Sociowash, said.

Sociowash resonates with the idea that what makes an organization a “great place to work”, are its people. We make it our top priority to address each and every concern they may have and offer the best and most feasible solution to ensure the team members are in symphony with each other. From having a sense of ownership over the work they do to being allowed and rather encouraged to take more risks and improvise, we make sure to give our extended family an upper edge and a great dynamic culture.

Raghav Bagai, Co-founder, Sociowash, stated, “Sociowash has always been about its people. We take immense pride in being a workplace that not only gives equality of opportunity but also encourages people to trust, enrich and uplift each other. For any organization to flourish, it is necessary that people are treated as equals who add value to it and increase its credibility. People should feel recognised, valued and significant. This not only encourages them to give their 100 percent to the company, but also adds to their mental well-being.”

A full-service creative digital agency, Sociowash is aware that a workplace is not just a place where people come to work, it is a sanctuary of ideas, creativity, friendships and so much more.

In India, Great Place to Work works with over 1100 organizations across over 22 industries to help them build High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures. To be certified by the Great Place To Work is an accomplishment that not only adds to Sociowash’s achievements as a team-friendly organization that understands the right balance between work and fun but also encourages us to take more steps in becoming a more versatile, innovative, and at the same time an amicable workplace for our present and future workforce.