Software Developer lands in his dream job with dedication & consistent upskilling


Scaler Academy Alumni Siddharth Aadarsh alleviated his professional journey and manifested the power of upskilling over the pedigree of a premier institution

Mumbai, 22 February 2022: A software developer and a graduate in engineering, equipped himself with the right skillsets and secured his dream job as a Software Development engineer with Licious. Having been through the adversities of the pandemic with his father battling Covid-19, himself going through a major operation and added financial stress in the family, Siddharth followed through his passion and worked relentlessly to upskill himself to meet the evolving industry needs. His journey stands as a testament to the growing demand for upskilling, even for graduates.

After Siddharth’s college admission, the family underwent deteriorating economic conditions with heavy loans and dried up savings. He slowly found his interest in software development during his graduation and tirelessly worked through the different languages from C, C++ to Java and Python. Somewhere in his third year, he realised his calling for Python language but was left with significantly less college time to brush up the skill to perfection.

Even after his graduation, he struggled to find the suitable job of his dreams. One of his peers landed a high-paying job of interest, and he realised that he had to take matters into his hand and not rely solely on the college. However, the hurdles did not stop there. He went through multiple tests and interviews and still found himself at the deep end without a job of his interest. Despite this overwhelming environment and deteriorating health, Siddharth kept his spirits high and joined Scaler Academy to bridge the gaps. He constantly found ways to upskill himself through courses, mock interviews and lectures on the platform and finally landed a high-pay job of his interest and value.

“My path to this success has been full of hurdles. I have witnessed financial scarcity from a very tender age. My father and mother worked very hard to provide for my secondary education, as by then, I had the added finances of the hostel, JEE preparations and examinations. They had to take some loans, and at the time of my college admission, all the savings were also consumed. Soon enough, I realised the need to upskill myself and possess the right kind of skillset to achieve success. Scaler has been an instrumental part of this journey. It was an enriching learning experience, and I learned a lot more than what I did in college. Starting from the first class, I gained a higher understanding of all the concepts and syntax, making things much more interesting and fun. I could not crack the last or second last rounds of my job interviews; hence I also leveraged the platform for polishing my interview skills and practices through several mock interviews. Having a proper direction for technical education is not easy if you do not belong to the IITs and NITs of the world. Even though my journey was halted in between because of a major operation, I was fortunate enough to be enrolled with Scaler and got the right opportunities because of the program”, said Siddharth Aadarsh.

Scaler Academy is a leading ed-tech start-up for upskilling students and working professionals that mentors budding tech talent and help them achieve their career dreams. Scaler equips students with industry-ready skills and coaches them on how best to approach the interview process at leading tech companies. The company believes that there is no shortage of talent in the country. The gap in demand for engineers and their supply is merely a mismatch of skill expectations. Intending to remedy this, Scaler works with industry leaders and subject experts to provide the potential workforce with future-ready skills so that they can hit the ground running when hired into the technology industry.

Speaking on Siddharth’s success, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder, Scaler and InterviewBit, said, “While our country has no dearth of talent, a persistent challenge industries face is the skill gap. Even as our engineers secure the required educational qualifications, they seem to lack critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which the industry demands. Therefore it is vital that individuals, particularly in the rapidly-evolving tech field, keep upskilling themselves continuously to stay relevant and employable. We are proud of our alumni and the heights they have achieved. It is our endeavour to mentor and guide more such deserving talent towards achieving their career goals and ultimately, giving back to the community.”

There are many such inspiring stories of learners who dream of making it big in their careers and do not wish to settle for less, where upskilling platforms act as facilitators to help them realise these aspirations.