Solar Panels to be installed at Home, says G Kishan Reddy

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In the past few years, electricity has become major trouble for the government of India as the generation of electricity is not sufficient for the people who are using and consuming it. The problem has troubled the Indian government a lot, which brought this case in front of the Union Ministers of India.

While taking the suggestion from the ministers, G Kishan Reddy, the Union Minister of India has urged the people of Telangana to reduce the consumption of power as much as possible and asked them to switch to natural resources to generate power majorly using solar panels installed in their homes respectively. The solar panels are very efficient in generating power with total consumption of electricity that may suffice the need of the people residing in a particular area.

This statement was issued in the backdrop of the National Solar rooftop Portal that has been launched recently with an updated interface for the people of India. The portal was launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who also participated in the grand finale of the Ujjwal Bharat Ujjwal Bhavishya-Power @2047 that was aired on Saturday.

The Union Minister in an interview with the news agency ANI mentioned that our Prime Minister has inaugurated the newly launched projects that were powered by solar power, his motive is to think and act green so that our natural resources which are majorly non-renewable are not depleted and sustained with time for the future generation to use those resources.

Reddy also mentioned in the interview with ANI that, if those would were able to generate power in their homes, the government will be more than happy to buy the power generated from them at the market price that is being set by the electricity committee.

He stated that a new app is also being developed for the power generation purpose and people can track through the app, the amount of power that is being generated from the solar panels on a daily term, weekly terms, or quarterly term. The app would also give information regarding the health of the solar panels and the time intervals of the regular maintenance needed for the solar panels.

Before the statement issued by Reddy, PM Narendra Modi also interacted and laid a strong message on the power generation and kept his notion clear that power will play a significant role in the upcoming total generation of electricity for India for the coming 25 years of vision. Therefore, to progress and develop the nation, the people of the nation shall start to switch to generating power in their homes using sunlight and not rely on non-renewable resources.  

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