SteriView® Technologies, Inc. releases its SAAS


SteriView® Technologies, Inc. announces the release of its Software as a Service (SaaS) interface. Leading provider of advanced visual electrophysiology solutions and known thought leader in software development, Diopsys Inc. has administered and developed its SaaS System.

SteriView® Technologies, Inc. has a vision of improving patient safety by minimizing the spate of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections spawn from device-related transmission in hospitals and surgery centers in ambulance throughout the world.  

The company is currently producing and selling its surgical/medical inspection systems including the 1.8mm SteriCam™ Modular Inspection Camera. It is gaining compliance with Infection Control Standards by empowering direct visual examination of out-of-reach places within endoscope and other medical devices. To advance the system, an associated user interface and software application for data management have been developed.

Customers of SteriView® Technologies, Inc. can access the SaaS with an annual subscription payment of $99. First-time customers of SteriView® Technologies, Inc. will get a license file for one year with an expiration date and their investigating medical devices will automatically be registered in the database. Updates will also be provided as a part of service and licensing through new entries in the database.

Inspection System of SteriView® Technologies, Inc. can catalog, and automatically date and time stamp the images. Analytical software is empowered with Artificial Intelligence will construct determination to prevent healthcare-associated infections from instruments used for individuals.

According to Jerry Katzman, CEO, Managing Director, Chairman, and President of SteriView®Technologies, Inc. now technicians for examining endoscopes and other similar instruments will be able to examine in lesser time and with more confidence with the disposition of each examining device.

About SteriView® Technologies, Inc.

SteriView® Technologies Inc. is rapidly gaining compliance with Infection Control Standards by empowering direct visual examination of hard to visualize defects and infects within endoscopes and other related medical instruments. Millions of people are impacted by Healthcare-Associated Infections across the globe.

The SteriView® Infection Control System featuring the Inspection Cameras of SteriCam™ line was an inventive step towards the future. The system consists of critical assets in the contest against device-related and healthcare-associated infections. This kind of infection regularly kills thousands of individuals every year and is estimated to cost $20 – $35 billion in addition to healthcare costs and up to $35 billion annually in losing productivity, in the United States of America alone.


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