‘Store on Wheels’ campaign hits off right: Brand Street Integrated


The Campaign ‘Store on Wheels‘ aims to bridge the gap between the consumers and the brands. The Brand Street Integrated brings consumer brands like to their doorsteps. The agency has taken steps to create co-branded platforms for essentials and non-essentials category brands to each customer.

Brand Street Integrated, an experiential marketing agency, has recently launched a new campaign called the ‘Store on Wheels’. The Campaign’s aim was to bring brands directly to their like consumers at their doorsteps since stepping out during the pandemic can be very inconvenient, especially with lockdowns in many places.

According to Brand Street Integrated, since the launch of this concept, it has been expanded to nine cities than the present cities with more than 20 national and also international brands. The campaign has been expanded to Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Surat, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh (Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Kanpur). Because most of the consumers are staying at home, Brand Street joined hands with resident welfare associations in many cities and supported the cause of “stay safe inside the home” while taking energetic steps to build a platform for essential and non-essential category brands to reach consumers directly even during such crisis.

To date, the company has served approximately 200 Residential Welfare Associations and 250 households and has helped consumers reach services at their doorsteps.

“Our company has launched this concept with an idea to not just deliver needed and essential products to needy consumers but also to extend and provide them a unique experience in this new normal. We value and respect the trust shown by the brands in us and helping us in fulfilling the needs of the consumers during these distressed and unprecedented times due to the coming of COVID-19 pandemic,” said Surendra Singh, the chief business officer, Brand Street Integrated.

According to Anuj Arora, the head marketing, domestic textiles business, Welspun, “We are happy to have begun this try on the concept of making our brands ‘Spaces and Welspun’ available at our consumer doorsteps. Our kind of home textiles is very touch and feel giving kind and we were studying on numerous ways on how to take the shopping happening to a new and next level of the safety of consumer at their doorsteps.”


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