‘Stories’ from mCanvas


mCanvas is an ecosystem of sensory mobile ads that helps brands emotionally connect with their audiences. Each ad is made unforgettable by incorporating phone sensors and product functionality into the brand narrative. mCanvas produces ‘wow’ moments daily by reinventing templates, building tools, and offering a platform for those advertisements to run on a scale.

 mCanvas has announced the launch of Stories, a seamless combination of organic content and mobile web-supported advertising, applications, and OEMs. The native ad format is designed to transform the way brands advertise on mobile phones. Besides, Stories adds an enormous income stream for media companies that enables them to optimize editorial content by combining it with thrilling ad experience.

With mCanvas Stories aimed at encouraging interaction and evoking excitement with interactive sensory-rich advertising, they offer a full-screen multimedia interface intended to captivate the digital natives of today. Natively placed alongside organic content, the ad format will feature eye-catching text, images, animations, gifs, and videos that inspire viewers to engage with the narrative of brands. In addition, Stories incorporates 50 + handset technologies and sensors to make it an immersive way to connect with the ads. For marketers, mCanvas delivers end-to-end bespoke service from the ideation stage to detailed reporting on campaign performance. mCanvas provides advertisers with connections through 120 premium publishers to 72 Million users.

Stories are an increasing stream of income for advertisers, providing an innovative way to connect and monetize content traffic. Combining the native format with a better user interface, Stories would help publishers maximize page visits & time spend while reducing the bounce rate. It detects trending content instantly, posts articles, generates reports, and optimizes for best performance so publishers can continue to focus on making valuable content. Stories can be introduced as a new independent location, or current mCanvas Publishers can automatically allow this without any new technology being introduced.

National Sales Director of mCanvas, Indrani Khanvilkar,  said, they are excited about the launch of Stories as part of their continuing endeavor to provide our customers with the latest and most streamlined solutions. This newest ad model will put an exciting twist on the way advertisements are viewed and will help everyone bring out-of-the-box mobile marketing experiences to the market goals of their clients.

Vishal Rupani, co-founder & CEO, mCanvas summarises, “With the launch of Stories, they are making the common media model open to everyone. Now both advertisers and publishers will be benefited from creating stories and sharing them through multiple platforms on a scale.


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