Students invited to ‘Shine with Australia’


A new global campaign promoting Study Australia options available to international students, right now, wherever they are in the world, was launched by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

The Shine with Australia campaign features high-achieving alumni whose academic and professional journeys demonstrate the quality of an Australian education, and invites prospective students to follow in these alumni’s footsteps and discover their brilliant future self by studying with Australia.

Mr Ravin Mirchandani, Executive Chairman Ador Powertron, India and Co-founder Acusensus, Australia recalls that studying in Australia really changed his life, both academically and socially.

Dr Reema Joshi, Program Head, Digital Health and Telemedicine, HOPS Healthcare says she chose to study public health in Australia because the universities were some of the top ranking in the world for her field.

Ms Chi Vu, now Global Retail Engagement Product Lead for Google credits her Australian education with kickstarting her successful marketing career and giving her the confidence to take professional risks. These and more inspiring stories can be located on the Study Australia website.

The campaign will be global through social and online channels, tailored in-market and supported by targeted promotional spend designed to reach a potential audience of 31.6 million people.

Austrade’s Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner and Head of Education – South Asia Dr Monica Kennedy said the campaign invites students to begin realising their potential through an Australian education now, without waiting for changes to international travel restrictions.

“It encourages students to visit the Study Australia website, which now hosts a comprehensive course search tool, to explore their full range of study options,” Dr Kennedy said.

The search tool includes more than 31,000 CRICOS-registered courses offered on campus in Australia, as well as wholly online programs and scholarship information.

More than 12,000 Study Australia transnational education programs were also recently added to the course search tool, including options available at Australian branch campuses, partner provider campuses, offshore learning centres and student hubs worldwide.

“The Study Australia website is a gateway for students to discover a course that’s right for them so they can then reach out directly to the course provider and enrol,” Dr Kennedy said.

“It is a great starting point for students to explore the many quality options available, to start their Australian education closer to home right now, and plan for a transition to onshore studies.

“Australia continues to offer a high quality, globally-relevant education for those who choose to study with Australia, on campus, in their home country or online,” Dr Kennedy said.

The new course search tool can be found at