Studio lofts’ development bend hits switchgear in 2020


A studio loft on a very basic level comprises a solitary enormous room performing various tasks as lounge and room, with a little kitchenette.

As of not long ago, indeed, recent college grads were reliably driving up the interest for studio condos in the best 7 urban areas – so much that, in the course of the most recent 7 years, engineers usually offered this set up in their ventures. Truth be told, studio condos’ offer in new dispatches had been rising y-o-y since 2013. Notwithstanding, the Coronavirus pandemic year of 2020 saw an unexpected inversion of this pattern.

A studio loft on a very basic level comprises a solitary enormous room performing various tasks as parlor and room, with a little kitchenette. Just the washroom is isolated by a divider. Studio lofts have customarily been supported by single men, understudies, recently wedded couples starting their homeownership venture with a ‘starter home, and business voyagers who much of the time visit a city for work.

Their little size and nitty-gritty introduction regardless, studio condos turned into the supported choice for those with compelled spending plans who by the by saw astuteness in living near key business center points.

Remarking on this pattern, Anuj Puri, Director, ANAROCK Property Experts, said, “The studio condos pattern so far can be plotted. Out of the out 2,102 activities dispatched in 2013 in the main 7 urban areas, only 75 undertakings (or 4%) offered studio condos. The offer expanded to 5% in 2014, trailed by a yo-y expansion in the general portion of tasks offering this setup. This development pattern stayed reliable till 2019 when the offer was most noteworthy at about 19%.”

“In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic hit, carrying with it the extraordinarily new WFH and study at home impulses requiring bigger homes,” said Puri. “The onus additionally abruptly moved from costly focal areas to the more savvy rural areas and peripheries. In a solitary year, studio condos’ new inventory share plunged to 15%.”

Rising Y-o-Y Supply

The main 7 years showed a characterized development pattern regarding the number of activities offering studio condos over the most recent seven years. MMR has the most elevated stockpile divide between all the best 7 urban areas in this period. Of 5,442 tasks dispatched in MMR somewhere in the range of 2013 and 2020, at any rate, 25% offer the studio loft choice. The numbers are less marvelous in different urban areas.

In 2013, out of a sum of 2,102 tasks dispatched in the best 7 urban communities, only 75 ventures offered studio lofts – a simple 4% offer. Be that as it may, in 2020, out of an aggregate of 884 activities dispatched consistently, only 130 undertakings had studio condos – a 15% offer. 2020 launched a pattern inversion wherein bigger homes — adequately open to oblige home workplaces and online investigation spaces for kids — started to be more sought after, and designers appropriately changed their new stockpile setups.


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