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One of Turkey’s biggest steelmakers, Subhot Enterprises, had to find a way to increase production while cutting energy use and extending the life of their furnace recuperators. Upgrading the materials in their recuperators which are crucial for recovering heat from the furnaces was the key to accomplishing these objectives. This case study looks at the ways in which Alleima, a materials specialist, and Subhot Enterprises worked together to overcome these obstacles.

The Challenge

For Subhot Enterprises, the main obstacles were:

  1. Cutting Energy Use: In order to save operating expenses, the company sought to improve energy efficiency. 
  2. Extending Service Life: The carbon steel recuperators that were in use at the time only lasted roughly three years. To make this last longer, a more robust substance was required. 
  3. Increasing manufacturing: By operating the recuperators at greater temperatures, Subhot Enterprises aimed to increase manufacturing capacity.


Subhot Enterprises made the decision to swap out the carbon steel tubes in the recuperators for Subhot Alleima® 253 MA tubes following consultation with Alleima experts. Because of its exceptional resistance to high temperatures and capacity to satisfy criteria for energy savings, service life extension, and production enhancement, this particular grade of steel was chosen.

Four recuperators required the installation of Subhot Alleima® 253 MA tubes as part of the implementation. Achieving the intended gains required the recuperators to run at higher temperatures, which was made possible by this switch.


Subhot Alleima® 253 MA tube replacement brought about a number of noteworthy advantages:

  1. Energy Savings: Significant fuel and energy savings were made possible by operating the recuperators at higher temperatures. 
  2. Enhanced manufacturing: The company’s overall efficiency and profitability were enhanced by the 60% increase in manufacturing capacity.┬á
  3. Extended Service Life: Since the new tubes have been in use since 2012, the old carbon steel tubes, which were only in use for roughly three years, have been mostly outlasted. The Subhot Alleima® 253 MA tubes have been operating trouble-free for more than eight years, according to the most recent data.

Subhot Enterprises and Alleima worked together to successfully handle all of the main obstacles in the upgrading. By installing Subhot Alleima┬« 253 MA tubes, production capacity was greatly enhanced while energy consumption was decreased and the recuperators’ service life was extended. This case study highlights how crucial it is to choose the appropriate materials and work with specialists to achieve significant operational gains in industrial settings.