Sukrit Gupta and Sayudh Ray are the winners of Sony LIV’s Quizzer of the Year

Sukrit Gupta and Sayudh Ray are the winners of Sony LIV’s Quizzer of the Year
Sukrit Gupta and Sayudh Ray are the winners of Sony LIV’s Quizzer of the Year

After months of intense competition and intellectually stimulating quizzes, Sony LIV’s Quizzer of the Year (QOTY) finally reached its grand finale on 26th May. The show, which captured the hearts and minds of quiz enthusiasts across the country, culminated in an epic showdown that saw four teams battling for the ultimate title. From navigating through a series of challenging rounds, boasting fierce face-offs between 64 teams from over 2000 Indian schools, Sukrit Gupta and Sayudh Ray of Delhi Public School, Newtown, Rajarhat, Kolkata emerged as the champions of the 1st season of Quizzer of the Year securing an educational scholarship worth rupees 1 crore.

Sukrit Gupta, a Class X student with a keen interest in computer science, has been an avid quizzer since his friends introduced him to the club. Having lived in Kolkata for most of his life, Sukrit enjoys topics like tech, music, history, and literature. On the other hand, Sayudh Ray, who just completed his Class X board exams, shares a passion for history and economics. With both parents being Ayurvedic doctors, Sayudh is still exploring his future career options. Together, their diverse knowledge and great teamwork led them to victory on Quizzer of the Year.

The Top 4 finalists who made it to QOTY’s grand finale were:

  1. Sukrit Gupta and Sayudh Ray of Delhi Public School Newtown, Rajarhat, Kolkata
  2. Sreenandh Sudheesh P and Navaneeth Krishnan of Govt Model Hr. Sec. School Calicut University, Kozhikode
  3. Garvish Jain and Sarth Khandelwal of St. Anthony’s Senior Secondary School, Udaipur
  4. Ojasvit Pasricha and Aashman Tripathi of Sheiling House School, Kanpur

While Sukit and Sayudh bagged the coveted title and huge scholarship, Sreenadh Sudheesh P and Navaneeth Krishnan emerged as the first runners-up of QOTY, winning a scholarship of 50 lakh rupees. Furthermore, the second runners-up, Garvish Jain and Sarth Khandelwal, secured a scholarship of 20 lakh rupees.

Quizzer of the Year, presented by the legendary quizmaster of India, Mr. Siddhartha Basu, is an innovative quiz show conceptualized by Anita Kaul Basu and the team at Tree of Knowledge Digital (DIGITOK). Blending traditional learning with infotainment, the show provided students with a platform to test their knowledge beyond textbooks. The journey began with daily quizzes, followed by zonal rounds, and culminated in a high-stakes national championship. QOTY featured seasoned quizmasters Joy Bhattacharjya and Col. Vembu Shankar in the zonal rounds, alongside Siddhartha Basu himself hosting the quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finale.


Quizmaster Siddhartha Basu, the creator and host of QOTY, expressed, “It was terrific to quiz a pick of the smartest school students of the country for the final leg of Quizzer of the Year, which was the culmination of a year long digital engagement on the QOTY app on Sony LIV. In progressively tougher stages, qualifiers clashed in a series of exciting and closely fought zonal & national level encounters which climaxed in a grand final going to the wire ultimately streaming on the platform for the viewers. Congratulations to the worthy victors and challengers for the mental mettle with which they vied for top honours, and the most handsome rewards ever offered in India for an all-India inter-school quiz championship. I hope it acts as a spur to fuel the curiosity of young minds, expand their general knowledge, and test it in a fun way on an ongoing basis. That’s the aim of the QOTY app & contest.”


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