Sunstone introduces a new paradigm for job seekers through their #BecomeExperiencedFresher campaign


The campaign highlights Sunstone’s advantages that provide industry integrated experiences to MBA students.

The focus of the campaign is to provide industry-relevant experience to MBA students at the inception of their college journey to enable the development of experienced freshers.

India, 1st September:  Sunstone, one of India’s leading higher education startups with a presence across 35+ cities in 40+ institutions, has rolled out its #BecomeExperiencedFresher campaign to showcase the benefits of its industry-oriented education for MBA students. The new ad campaign can be seen across various digital verticals like YouTube, Facebook, etc. in 6 languages – Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada other than Hinglish. 

This campaign takes a fresh take on the problems faced by freshers during various scenarios like sitting for college placements, exploring start-up opportunities or braving the first day of their jobs. Considered inexperienced, they are often overlooked and not taken seriously. Sunstone, through its unique model has successfully managed to fill the industry-academia gap and is now focusing on nurturing ‘experienced freshers’ who will possess an edge over their peers in terms of being ready and trained for the job that they are hired to do.

The campaign has famous pop-culture references and is aimed at the young audience. Through a small peek into a regular office space, an entrepreneurial themed reality show set and a placement interview this campaign highlights the various scenarios where first-time job seekers face stereotypes. However, advantages offered by this higher education startup for MBA students ensure that students are learning from industry experts, gaining relevant knowledge, and developing job-ready skills.

A witty campaign that displays how enabling students with the right training can drastically change their future. This attempt also draws attention to the immediate need of bridging the industry-academia gap. As the India Skills Report 2022 revealed, of the 150 corporates surveyed, 75% stated that there was a skill gap in their workforce.

On the brand campaign, Mr. Piyush Nangru, Co-Founder and COO, Sunstone said, “In India, there is a huge gap between the skills imparted to students in Higher-Education and the skills demanded of them in the work force. While this gap persists, it is important to recognize that industry interventions targeted towards decreasing the skill gap have slowly made substantial progress and it’s time to look at job seekers from a fresher perspective. At Sunstone, we believe and strive for the possibility of providing an industry-oriented learning experience that makes students job – ready at the college level itself. The idea behind this campaign is to break the stereotype regarding graduating students about their potential and capabilities in their first job.”

When enrolled at campuses with Sunstone’s advantages for MBA, students can make the most of their 2-year college degree and industry-oriented curriculum by learning from 50+ masterclasses, 20 industry – academia events per year, workshops by industry professionals, 6 months of internship and 700+ hours of content co-designed and delivered by industry experts.

Sunstone’s advantages will also open up students to Sunstone’s robust network of 1000+ recruiters and 5000+ job opportunities allowing for a large pool of placement opportunities in top companies. Sunstone is also setting aside INR 10 crores to fund their student startup ideas through their Incubation Cell.