Swiggy has a different report at the end of 2021


Yes! The change has happened finally.

The most binged snack under the statistics scale of the Swiggy report at the end of 2021 year has changed from Biryani to our chaat, Samosa with about 50 lakh orders all over India topping the list of the most ordered food by the Swiggy customers.

Coming second of the top food list which has been ordered by Swiggy customers has been a chaat again with a sweet : Pav Bhaji and Gulab Jamun with 21 lakh orders being placed as per the sixth annual report by Swiggy. Seems like people are having high cravings for chaat this time, including me. 

The love for Samosa was ordered six times that of the chicken wings  with a report of 5 million orders by the customers of the swiggy. Dating back to the year 2020, 90 biryanis was ordered per minute by the statistical report and in 2021, 115 biryanis was ordered per minute or even 2 biryanis per second.

Ordering chicken biryani was four times more than ordering any vegetarian counterpart. Over 4.25 lakh new users made their swiggy debut by adding chicken biryani. 

The statistical report is based on the orders Swiggy receives from the customer choice and likes and Swiggy delivers food not only from restaurants but also cafeterias and small takeaway counters.

Swiggy also delivers groceries and daily essentials for a person’s basic needs in a particular time slot and the most preferred time slot is between 30 minutes and one hour. According to the reports, Swiggy Instamart delivered over 28 million packets of fruits and daily groceries for pick up and drop by swiggy genie. 

Under the time span of 30 minutes the most ordered groceries by the swiggy customers were the go to day curry list which includes tomatoes, green chillies, onions, potatoes and bananas.

Swiggy also delivers snack items and other essentials needed for a quick toast in our home and it was recorded that almost 14 lakhs os Instant maggi noodles was sold out, 3.1 million packets of chocolates, 2.3 million tubs of ice creams and 6.1 million packets of chips were ordered online. Snack items were the top lists that were ordered after 10 pm of the day.

The ratio regarding the orders placed for Band-Aids, diapers and sanitary napkins was between 55,000 packets and 77,000 packets which were even delivered in a shorter span of time like 15-20 minutes for the customers.

Swiggy’s Instamart is present in 18 cities as of now due to the reliance the customers place on it to meet up their basic needs of the day managing the time. Along with the listed items meat items and medicines can also be ordered and the time and ratio of orders is placed close to the above reports.

Over 80% of customers opt for online payment that COD if any error occurs in the transaction will be refunded back to you. 

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