Synergy: AI and Big Data Analytics


In today’s world, the greatness of artificial intelligence is widening. AI has the capability to perform certain actions, achieve predetermined goals successfully. In AI computers or machines are taught to learn, understand, and interact with the external environment. AI has the potential and the ability to make better conclusions in the process of complex decision making in the future. The presence of AI is experienced in numerous fields and industries including healthcare, education, finance, transportation, etc.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It is an application for artificial intelligence that involves codes or commands using a programming language. Machine learning provides computers with useful insights and information. The machines are trained by inputting data and by making algorithms help the computers or machines in the process of decision-making.

Big data is a buzzword which is prevailing in the field of analytics. It is referred to as huge chunks of data and other information that can be stored in computers or machines. There is a massive amount of data that is available both online & offline about any topic. Artificial intelligence is an effective way to handle massive amounts of data. AI will help in extracting useful insights and are able to predict the future.

What does the future hold? Big data is predicted to evolve in the next few years. With too much information in hand, the companies have to decide which data to keep in store and which data to be ignored. This is where Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help the business by providing the relevant data and improves the true value of the business. Ultimately humans will gain better experience and more personal value.

There are companies using artificial intelligence with big data analytics.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – It is the combination of machine learning, AI & linguistics. The machines are trained and developed to speak in different languages just like humans.

AI also helps the agricultural sector especially farmers to keep a record of the agricultural produce.

AI also plays a major role in the banking and securities market. Other fields or industries that apply AI with big data are Insurance, education sector, healthcare, transportation, natural resources sector.


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