Take a bit of Sorrentina home and add an Italian flair to your kitchen 


~ Traditional Italian flavours were never this fresh and delicious – until the arrival of Sorrentina’s handmade artisanal kitchen essentials! ~

Even the worst of ‘missing Italy blues’ can be cured with a bite of some good pizza or the feeling of sumptuous comfort from a bowl of pasta. And Sorrentina’s range of chef-curated, artisanal Italian kitchen essentials is just what the doctor ordered! 

The Italian cuisine focused restaurant has long carved its niche as a brand that brings you traditional dishes whilst still catering to the local palate. Thanks in large part to the pandemic induced lockdowns, a large part of the masses took to home-cooking. Which led to a rise in the demand for authentic flavours and the best produce. With Sorrentina, at least the Italian part of groceries are taken care of if you live in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. 

From Italian breads and bakes, small batch dips and sauces, handcrafted pastas to DIY Pizza Kits and gourmet snacks, Sorrentina’s range uses high-quality, authentic, Italian ingredients. Curated by a team of passionate Chef’s trained in Italy, Sorrentina prides itself on employing traditional methods perfected by chefs in Italy over the years in their kitchen to bring you flavours that shout freshness.

Sorrentina’s handmade products are prepared in small batches to maintain freshness and quality while ensuring no use of preservatives and artificial flavours. The Italian Bakery offers handmade freshly baked Italian breads prepared every morning by the team. There’s a whole selection of bakes including Burnt Garlic & Olive Focaccia, Italian Garlic Bread, Whole Wheat Spiced Sourdough, Garlic & Cheese Pull Apart Bread, ready-to-bake Garlic breads and Pesto Rolls among many others. 

What’s good bread without some great dip though? Don’t forget about their amazing range of artisanal dips and sauces including the All Purpose Tomato Sauce made using real Italian San Marzano tomatoes. There’s also the Basil Seed Pesto made using real Parmesan Cheese and Sunflower Seeds instead of the conventional pine nuts. For maximum nostalgia, give the Blush Pink Pasta sauce a whirl and of course, you can’t miss out on India’s first Italian Hummus.

The best thing about Italian ranges is arguably their versatility and compatibility across a range of dishes. These sauces used with the right pasta can make for a delicious dish, and some fun mopping up with bread later! The handmade spaghettis and pastas feature a Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, Truffled Mushroom Tortellini, Peperoncino & Oregano Spaghetti, and Fettuccine Pasta. 

The team at Sorrentina has also upped their snack game. Trade in the local favourites for some signature Truffle Lacquered Nuts and Parmesan Straws all the way up to Cacio – e- Pepe Crackers, Herbed Grissini, and Herbed Crostini. 

In keeping the pandemic cooking traditions alive, their DIY Pizza Kits allow you to toss up a restaurant-style pizza in the comfort of your kitchen. These kits come complete with a hand-stretched pizza base, an authentic Italian sauce, fresh cheese and all the toppings. So whether you want a Creamy Burrata, Pepperoni, Truffle Club, Florentine, or a classic Margherita, it’s all right here!

Shashank Lohia, VP – Marketing says, “We’re excited to build India’s first truly Italian brand. The love for Italian cuisine is not hidden from anyone and we’re looking forward to being a regular part of our consumers’ homes, kitchens and lives. From sauces you can just stir into your pasta to breads you can enjoy any way you like, fresh pastas you can toss and eat to crackers and dips for endless snacking sessions, we’re all set to help you enjoy authentic Italian food effortlessly, and just the way you like it.”

Sorrentina offers its constantly innovating line of products on its website, as well as across leading retail stores in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, and Bengaluru. Bring Italy to your plate every day!