Tata Tele Business Services highlights importance of Digital Transformation among SMBs


New-age communication tools that are cost-effective, ultra-flexible and make the businesses future-ready

New Delhi, March 29, 2022 :  Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), India’s leading B2B digital services provider hosted its flagship industry forum CXO Round Table discussion on “Accelerating Digital Transformation Among SMBs” with industry leaders from diverse sectors on the need for new-age communication tools that are cost-effective, ultra-flexible and make the businesses future-ready as they move forward on their digital transformation journey.

The CXO Round Table discussion centred around the fact that companies are adopting new technologies to stay relevant and thrive in their dynamic industries where, cloud platforms provide the agility, scalability and innovative capabilities that propels cost-effective digital transitions. The talk connects and engage Corporates, SMB and Start-ups for knowledge sharing and networking through its offline & online events, YouTube channel and digital magazine.

The notable participant speakers as well as TTBS representatives for the event were: Arindam Baral (Head – Product & Technology, ABP eVentures Pvt Ltd), Bhagwati Pant (General Manager, Anahita Hospitality LLP), Anindya Saha (Asst Professor IT & IT Coordinator, Army Institute of Management) and Devendra Sharma (Manager – IT, Shiroki Automotive India Pvt Ltd.)

Sharing his views on the subject, Mr. Aditya Kinra, Vice President, Tata Teleservices said, “COVID-19 has accelerated technology penetration which has given a lot of opportunities for companies to innovate. Technology has permeated to the remote parts of the country, but innovative technologies are further required at affordable costs which would give a quantum leap to SMBs for post covid growth along with regular and incremental organic growth. At TTBS, we are democratising technology with our smart cloud and collaborative solutions that are asset and capex light and are enabling digital transformation for SMBs to make them resilient and future-ready.”

Mr. Arindam Baral, Head Product & Technology ABP eVentures Pvt Ltd said, “Availability of new digital solutions in the market can empower SMBs and Startups to explore innovations in their business operations to scale their business and get more competitive.”

Mr. Bhagwati Pant, General Manager Anahita Hospitality LLP said, “Hospitality industry always believes in personalized service with human touch, but the pandemic changed the game where the entire range of services got digitized now. Going digital has benefitted the industry to stay afloat in the difficult times.”

Mr.Anindya Saha, Asst.Prof IT & Co Coordinator IT, Army Institute of Management said, “SMBs should adopt to the newer technology to sustain business in the new normal. Technology is the plank that can help them compete with large companies.”

Mr Devendra Sharma, Manager IT Shiroki Automotive India Pvt Ltd said, “In automobile industry when it comes to interaction among customers, channel partners, suppliers, always it used to be personalized meetings, whereas the entire scenario has changed after covid, where marketing and sales also happens virtually.”

Key Takeaways:

●        Availability of new digital solutions

●        Innovative & New Technologies

●        Cost-effective digital transitions