TCS partners with 3 UK companies to increase 5G network rollout


IT services company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced the choice of Three UK, one among the UK’s major mobile network carriers. 

It’s preparing to deploy three new 5G radio access networks that have already been activated to survive quite one thousand sites in 175 cities and towns across the United Kingdom, giving users access to the following generation of 5G connectivity

A new core has chosen TCS as its partner to manage the presentation of the next-generation mobile network and make sure that it integrates well with the 5G radio access network. This work will involve configuring the core network for brand spanking new site deployments, site upgrades, performance management, and 3G and 4G tuning changes. 

The software of TCS hurries up configuration testing and reduces manual errors, ensuring proper network configuration. TCS also supports configuration editing, unintended site testing, and 24×7 network-wide support. These enhancements will enable us to produce fast, secure, and reliable 5G services to all or any three customers. 

“Our capacity to plug services to underscores the UK’s 5G roll-out. Our decision to partner with TCS has supported the necessity to satisfy the wants and deliver speed. TCS has been able to assemble quickly and is now included in our 5G delivery to support our 5G journey,” said Carlo Mellis, Chief Network Officer at Three UK. 

“As we get in for this thrilling new era of common 5G customer availability within the UK, we’d prefer to expand our work with Three. Giving users the simplest possible network access is at the center of their mission, and that we are pleased that they need to choose TCS’s unparalleled network management and configuration solutions to assist achieve this,” said Carol Wilson, Head of Communications Media and data Services.  Business – Europe and also the UK, TCS. With our in-depth telecommunications industry proficiency and continued investment and innovation in 5G, we are the right partner to form this successful. 

Our new partnership will enable the Network of Three to still provide the simplest experience their users can expect. ” 

TCS has been a loyal partner of three UK businesses for over 15 years and has been instrumental in supporting the company’s ambition to become the world’s first telco and hosting all its applications within the public cloud. 

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