Tech enabled SAAS platform Pickrr announces ‘Pickrr Connect’ feature to ease sellers end consumer connect during order journey


New Delhi. 20 January 2022: Pickrr, a leading SaaS-based logistics start-up, has announced another value-added service, “Pickrr Connect,” for the ease of its sellers and their end consumers. The new feature will promote direct communication with the buyers in each stage of the post-sales process through three-notification channels: ‘SMS,’ ‘Whatsapp,’ and ‘Email.’ 

Quality customer service in logistics plays a crucial role and helps businesses thrive as end customers feel connected to the brands with regular communication. Failing to provide this service might lead to a shrink in the customer base and revenue loss. With Pickrr Connect, sellers can connect with their customers during seven different stages of the order journey from order placed to order delivered/ not delivered. Not only in the case of delay, prior notification is triggered informing the customer, but also, a message is sent if the delivery address is wrong. Currently, sellers can use the SMS notification channel free of cost for two events including order picked up and packet out for delivery. 

Commenting on the new value-added service launch, Gaurav Mangla, CEO and Co-Founder of Pickrr, said, “Transparency is essential for any business as they flourish based on the capability of meeting their customer expectations. The new VAS of the brand “Pickrr Connect” allows our sellers to keep connected with their end customers by informing them about their package at every step. Through this service, our sellers can connect with their customers during all seven stages of the order journey including order placed, order picked up, order in-transit, delivery delay, out for delivery, order delivered, and order not delivered. This not only builds customers’ trust but also contributes to customer retention.  

Pickrr has constantly delivered a seamless logistics experience to eCommerce sellers through its AI-powered dashboard. While the platform is already enabling small-scale online sellers to stay updated about their customers’ order processing journey and avail faster money transfers with an early COD option, the new communication module will empower the sellers to create direct pathways to their customers order in real-time.