Tech Mahindra developing Blockchain Talent in India along with Idealabs


Tech Mahindra, IT subsidiary of Mahindra Group is developing Blockchain talent in India. An educational technology firm Idealabs is also collaborating with Tech Mahindra in this new initiative. The firms are offering professional certification courses on Blockchain which includes online classes and sessions with experts from industries. The aim of this initiative is to provide experience and real-world implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology because of the developments in Blockchain technology in the Post pandemic world.

Rajesh Dhuddu, Blockchain and Cybersecurity practice leader at Tech Mahindra said that “We believe an Industry-academia collaboration model will enable a global benchmark in developing blockchain technology solutions and platforms across industries”. The courses offered by Tech Mahindra will range from beginner to expert and includes expert sessions, innovation programs and insight into the challenges of the industries.

Blockchain technology is in its infant stage and therefore world economies are now investing billions in this field. India can’t stand apart from this, because India’s economy is expanding huge and Blockchain has applications in finance, healthcare, retail, education, telecom etc. To face these challenges, Tech Mahindra partnered with Telangana government and set-up a blockchain accelerator called T-Block. Along with that, the company inked a deal with ChromaWay, a Swedish start-up in 2018 in Blockchain developments in India.

In media, Blockchain always comes with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the real potential of Blockchain is huge and its application in the coming years will be vast. By understanding its scope, tech giants in the world have already started research and developments in it. IBM introduced Hyperledger 2.0 recently to their Blockchain platform by collaborating with Oracle and Linux foundation, Amazon recently patented for a blockchain-based supply chain system in the United States, Chinese tech giant Tencent announced during the COVID-19 pandemic times that It will invest 70 billion USD in Blockchain technology developments.

China – World’s second-largest economy launched a Blockchain Service network for global Commercial purposes on April 25, 2020. This global infrastructure will help to create blockchain projects and applications for a lower cost. As a developing economy, India also should focus on Blockchain technology developments and research. Let’s hope the initiative by Tech Mahindra will boost the efforts for Blockchain technology developments in our homeland.


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