Tencent: AI Strategy, utilization and application field


Tencent is a member of the Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent triad of Chinese internet behemoths (abbreviated BAT) fiercely battling to prepare for the AI economy.

Computer vision, audio recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning are Tencent’s primary research topics. Applied exploration uses the company’s situations and competitive advantages to develop four types of content: games, social networking, and platform-based artificial intelligence applications. Weixin, QQ, Daily Express, and QQ music have all developed technology based on Weiqi AI, which has now become a “superb art.”

Tencent’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Tencent has integrated artificial intelligence into its operations as part of its ambition to become the most recognized online enterprise since the firm is entirely reliant on artificial intelligence.

Its programme WeChat has 1 billion users, but it has expanded its reach to gaming, digital assistants, mobile payments, cloud storage, live streaming, sports, education, movies, and even self-driving cars. One of the company’s mantras is “AI in everything.” Tencent collects massive quantities of information and insights on its clients, which it analyses and uses to its advantage.

Utilization of Technologies

  • Computer Vision

Tencent applies computer vision to editing, creating, analyzing, and comprehending images and videos, object/face detection and tracking, and character recognition, as well as 3D vision, SLAM, and reinforcement learning.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning utilizes in various study areas, including machine learning theory, numerical optimization, large-scale cloud computing, heterogeneous computing, supervised, unsupervised, and augmented learning.

Application Field

  • Social AI

Among Tencent’s offers intelligent assistants and robots that provide customer service and apps on China’s top social platforms like WeChat and QQ.

  • Game AI

Weiqi AI Superb and other Tencent games use AI helping China’s number one online game provider.

  • Content AI

Tencent’s content AI is utilized in China’s leading online video, music, reading, and news apps for search, customized recommendation, and content production.

  • Platform AI 

Platform AI’s core areas include machine translation, chatbots, speech recognition and sensitivity analysis and delivering AI technology to developers via powerful tools and services to drive technological innovation.

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