Tetley India redefines the green tea category with the launch of ‘green tea immune


New communication urges people to focus on feeling fit

Bangalore, August 18th, 2021: From the house of Tata Consumer Products, Tetley, one of the world’s most loved tea globally, disrupts the green tea category in India with a unique innovation-Tetley Immune with the goodness of antioxidant rich green tea,  now comes with added  vitamin C.  Vitamin C is known to help support Immune system.

Tetley Green Tea Immune is available in four exciting variants, (Classic, Lemon & Honey, Ginger Mint & Lemon and Mango variant), to ensure rejuvenation in every sip. It is available across channels online and offline.

 As part of the new communication, the brand has launched a new TVC encapsulating #LagoBaaharSeFitAurAndarSeBhi

The new communication, conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, uses a visual device of a ‘Bubble’ to bring out the element of doubt that people are feeling regarding their fitness. It shows the protagonist going for her morning run and encountering various people who are going through their morning activities. However, the twist in the TVC is that they are all in a ‘bubble’, which represents the ‘sense of doubt’ about the aspect of not doing enough to feel fit. The protagonist then gives a strong message that to step out of the ‘bubble of doubt’ and that conventional fitness regime may need to be combined with focus on feeling fit from inside too.  Leaving people with a thought provoking question- While we do everything possible to look fit – do we feel  fit from the inside? 

The new TVC reminds that fitness is not just about feeling fit on the  outside, but feeling fit from inside too, thereby bringing the relevance of Tetley Immune Green which offers the goodness of green tea with the immunity power of added Vitamin C.

Talking about the launch, Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said, “Tetley is amongst the first player in India’s green tea segment. With the understanding that ‘immunity’ has gathered strong relevance in the current pandemic, our sharp focus is to cater to emerging new trends in the wellness segment.  As we embrace the new normal, people have doubts if they are really ‘fit from the inside’. It is time to start the journey towards a new level of internal fitness with the inclusion of Tetley Green Tea Immune to one’s daily regime. With this innovation we are revolutionising the green tea category with a mission to empower consumers with fit lifestyles choices.”

Puneet Kapoor, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas Bengaluru, said “The genesis of the idea came from the insight that in the pandemic times many of us are living with a doubting mindset, as if there were a mythical bubble of doubt engulfing us, questioning how strong our immunity is.

This doubting mindset pervades into all the activities we do for staying fit from outside which takes primary precedence over the immunity from within, which we could be oblivious to, but which is equally important”