The campaign film by Lowe Lintas for ICICI Prudential


The All-in-one Term Plan had been launched by ICICI Prudential. Lowe Lintas Mumbai had conceived a campaign film contains some of the ‘slices of life’ situations of a family man to promote their latest offering. Due to the campaign, our life has differed very much than before, we have become more cautious of our surroundings than being carefree in our neighborhood. Our attention to our family has increased as it is our job to look after them during the pandemic. Compulsory to wear a mask, adopting new ways to greet people, adhering to social distance norms, and repeatedly sanitizing our hands is part of our daily life as of now. The film by Lowe Lintas focuses on its continuing quest for going the extra mile to choose the safest and the best things for the family with the setting of the new reality.

Shantanu Sapre the executive director of Lowes Lintas commented about the campaign that they have always been inspired by everyday real-life observation with ICICI Pru Life’s campaign. It shows the current sentiment of the country everyone is paying extra attention to all the activities to be done to ensure the safety of us and our family. Navin Chawla and Abhishek Dey are the ones who conceptualized and scripted. The kid’s voice used in a sing-song manner of storytelling will contextualize the word ‘attention’ with the right emotion, sentiment, break clutter, and action towards choosing iProtect Smart- the all-in-one term plan. The campaign film shows the ordinary family man dealing with the ‘slices of life’ problems and it shows he prioritizes the safety of his own family over anything. When he suggested the best insurance plan to facilitate the safety and wellbeing of his family, his wife suggested the all-in-one plan to protect her husbands’ future along with that of the family’s.

The campaign comprises digital, outdoor media, TV commercials, and others. It shows how the iProtect Smart, an all-in-one term plan, offers a living benefit for the policyholder- a 34critical illness cover along with a life cover for the family ensuring the extra safety of the future. The film would also make the people affected by the pandemic to be at ease. It would be a lesson for the people so that they can learn the safety measures to survive the pandemic long enough for the creation of the antidote


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